My New Go-To Bed Sheets: California Design Den

California Design Den Bed linens

I know you’ve heard the fact that we spend approximately one third of our entire lives in our beds. Now if that’s not a good argument for the best bed linens you can afford, I don’t know what it.

California Design Den Bed Sheets

As someone who lives in vacation destination sunny Southern California, I have a steady stream of visiting relatives and friends. In addition to my revolving door of guests, I run a consistently booked Airbnb. This means I’m more than just familiar with the constant washing and replacing of bed sheets, I’m downright intimate with the process.

So when California Design Den (a company whose products are designed in California but manufactured in India) asked if I wouldn’t mind reviewing their 100% cotton bed sheets, I jumped at the chance.

First off, I’m going to divulge a little secret. Despite my having personally experienced such luxury as the exorbitantly priced Pratesi and Frette bed linens, my go-to sheets are JC Penney’s own 100% cotton sateen, wrinkle-free, 400 thread-count bed sheets (regularly priced at $140 for a Queen set, but almost always on sale for around half that). They are comfortable, wash well and look nice so I hold them up as my standard for the best affordable bed sheets. It was against these I was ready to pit my new set of queen-sized, 600 thread count, 100% cotton sateen weave sheets from California Design Den.

note: I am aware that my comparing the $69.99 JCP 100% cotton 400 thread count sheets with these 100% cotton 600 thread count sheets is not quite apples to apples, but with the California Design Den queen size sheet set priced at only $57.99 on Amazon, it seemed like a fair comparison despite the higher thread count).

I was surprised I’d never heard of California Design Den despite the fact that their products are some of Amazon’s best sellers and they almost all have stellar customer reviews. In addition to the sheet set I am reviewing (which is available in 11 different colors and two prints), they carry several other types of premium bedding including organic sheets, duvet covers, comforters and quilts.

They arrived like all sheet sets do: in a plastic zippered case, smelling slightly of fish (what IS that?) along with a little set of cards thanking you for your purchase and providing you with easy washing instructions and tips.

The long staple cotton sheets felt nice and silky upon being removed from the package. The top sheet and pillow cases have a 4″ hem and are hemstitched on one side only. The bottom sheet is elasticized all the way around for ease.

Prior to testing them out, I washed them in warm water (not hot) with Tide liquid detergent.

After washing the sheets I tossed them in the dryer on the energy setting with a dryer sheet. They dried quickly and upon taking them out of the dryer, they felt deliciously cool, crisp and silky. No threads had come loose and I was thrilled to find that they had no problem fitting over a deep mattress complete with mattress topper. I slept in the sheets for a full week before writing this just to be certain they remained feeling as premium, cool and comfortable as they did upon the first night. And they did not disappoint.

Because they are made in certified green facilities in their factory in India that meet Standard 100 by Oekotex standards, it means they’re free of harmful chemicals.

Not only will your body find peace when tucked between their sheets, but your conscience will as well. You see, when you buy a California Design Den product, you’re using the power of your purchase to support sustainable business and fair working conditions. Their bedding is made in a factory in India that was co-founded by their leaders. The company continues to receive the highest Workers’ Compensation Administration in the industry for workers’ conditions and they are constantly working to improve their workers’ lives through livable wages, health checkups, family education, and more.

In conclusion, given that they are a HIGHER thread count than my previous go-to brand, making them even silkier and more luxurious feeling AND they are spectacularly priced on Amazon, I have to confess I now have a new go-to sheet brand and it’s California Design Den.

California Design Den

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