Caged Beauty : A Birdcage Or A Suspension Light.

Caged Beauty by JSPR

The Caged Beauty is a real birdcage, but unlike any you’ve seen. The custom laser cut steel object from JSPR was designed in three sizes to be used in various ways by both birds and humans.

Caged Beauty from JSPR

The Caged Beauty from JSPR was designed by Grietje Schepers. It’s made of laser cut steel and powder-coated with care and precision. The cage’s ornate pattern, sizes and shape make is suitable for home, retail or hospitality use. It can be used it as an actual birdcage, outfitted with a bulb for use as a light, or as an interior or exterior decorative or functional element. In its largest size it’s a show-stopping piece for retail display, hotel or restaurant interiors. Each is outfitted with a locking door.

Caged Beauty 80

In the smallest size it’s a stunning bird cage, a suspension lamp with dimmable light or a decorative element that can stand on its own.

Caged Beauty 170

In the next size up it’s a substantial bird cage or statement piece. Outfitted with a light, it works well in large homes or hotels. It can also be hung outdoors, used as a unique planter or can be filled with products for display purposes.

Caged Beauty 320

In the largest size which must be special ordered, the Caged Beauty becomes a centerpiece or lighting element for large spaces such as hotel lobbies, courtyards and malls.

The Caged Beauty is available in one of three stock colors (Black, Gold or Bronze) or can be customized in any RAL color of your choice.

Caged Beauty in Black
Caged Beauty in Gold
Caged Beauty in Bronze
examples of some of the custom colors

If you’re interested in one of their many custom colors or in the largest size, contact them directly.

Delivery time 4 weeks
The Caged Beauty comes standard without light source and suspension. Due to the weight of the Caged Beauty, they recommend having the installation done by an experienced person .

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