Bunnyland Photos by Russian Photographer Alena Belijakova

Meet The Rabbitsons. Nine people in bunny masks hanging out in a forest. That’s the subject matter of this intriguingly moody series, Bunnyland, by Alena Belijakova.

Bunnyland Photos by Alena Belijakova

You may have seen one or two images from the Bunnyland photos by Alena Belijakova floating around the internet, but we have the complete series of 25 here for you, thanks to the photographer.

Now 22 years old, Russian photographer Alena Belijakova photographed the Bunnyland series at the young age of 19. The St. Petersburg-based photographer, who says she prefers the type of art in which photoshop does not dominate the imagery, also affectionately calls the subjects in Bunnyland “The Rabbitsons.”

Nine people donning identical rabbit masks in a forest are captured in both overtly posed and more candid-type shots. The images are produced in both full color, albeit with sepia overtones and in black and white. Clad in dark clothing with no visible skin, the subject’s winter wardrobes meld with the background landscape, emphasizing the pink and white bunny masks.

Neither menacing nor approachable, the Rabbitsons appear to be a family and even engage in song and dance.

The following images are not in Alena’s flickr photo set but are clearly from the same shoot and I happened to discover them on Facebook

Alena Belijakova (aka Perhydrol) on Deviant Art
Alena Belijakova on flickr