Bugatti That Belongs In the Kitchen, Not The Garage.

BUGATTI Appliances and Kitchenware

When you hear the word Bugatti, chances are the incredibly expensive sport cars come to mind. But as beautifully designed – and far more affordable- are the high end kitchen appliances and accessories by Casa Bugatti.

Now, just to clarify, Casa Bugatti is not actually related to the car manufacturer whose origins are French (not Italian as most people think). But Casa Bugatti is Italian, founded in 1923 in Lumezzane (Brescia).

It was founded by the brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Faustino, Giacinto and Amadio and its name also pays homage to the father who preceded them: F.lli Bugatti fu Amadio.

The company started off life as a professional workshop making nickel-silver and silver-plated brass cutlery but it soon acquired the first mechanical tools required to improve product features and streamline production.

Loaded with a stable of impressive designers, Casa Bugatti, who is celebrating 90 years, makes tons of stunningly gorgeous appliances ranging from espresso machines to juicers. They also create accessories such as napkin holders and pepper grinders – all of which are as pretty as they are functional.

Bugatti Appliances and Kitchenware

BUGATTI Appliances:
BUGATTI Via Roma Stove Top Kettle

BUGATTI Vera Electronic Kettle

BUGATTI Vulcano Aluminum Coffee Maker

BUGATTI Vulcano stovetop kettle

BUGATTI Diva Italian Espresso coffee machine

BUGATTI Vela Professional blender

BUGATTI Volo Toaster

BUGATTI Vita Juicer

BUGATTI Uma Digital Scale and Timer

BUGATTI Eva Professional hand blender

For the Kitchen and table BUGATTI offers four different collections.

The Acqua series is made with precious materials such as 18/10 stainless steel and blown glass. The water drops are the distinguishing features of the line. These objects are beautiful to display, practical and functional to use.

Some examples:
BUGATTI Acqua Napkin Holder

BUGATTI Acqua 5-piece kitchen tool set

BUGATTI Acqua Thermic ice bucket with lid and ice tongs

The Trattoria range re-interprets, in a natural and contemporary style, the warmth and familiarity of the domestic environment and the joy of a traditional Italian inn. The soft and dynamically shaped articles, in solid wood, combine through a modular system, to invent ever-new and unique mix&match arrangements to furnish your table. There are two versions available: whitewashed ash and tobacco color.

Some examples:
BUGATTI Trattoria 4 pc oil-cruet set

BUGATTI Trattoria Salt and Pepper mill

BUGATTI Trattoria Paper Towel Holder

The BUGATTI Glamour collection and the BUGATTI Primavera collections are a bit more casual and colorful.

There’s also a slew of beautiful BUGATTI Cutlery to choose from.

Casa Bugatti makes much more. Including special collections clad in Denim, Swarovski Crystals, Carbon Fibre and 24k Gold-plated versions.

See their full product lines at their website (no e-commerce) here

Find Casa Bugatti Kitchen products here on Amazon

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