Bow Wow WOW: 2 Very Different ‘Hunks and Hounds’ Calendars for 2015

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When it comes to good looking men and dog calendars for 2015, you have options. Both celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz and Florida photographer Dawn C. Whitty have each photographed calendars for 2015, both titled ‘Hunks and Hounds’ and both of which benefit animal rescue organizations.

The calendar by Mike Ruiz pairs dogs from Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue with some very oiled up and pumped male fitness models in full color. Shot in studio against dark backgrounds, the posed portraits are a little awkward and show a lot of impressive abs along with some wistful looking pups. The calendar photographed by Dawn C. Whitty was created to benefit Alaqua Animal Refuge, a no-kill animal shelter in Northwest Florida, and is a more candid version of good-looking guys with their own active dogs, shot outdoors in both black and white and full color.

Here’s a look at the photos, including front and back covers, for both calendars.

Hunks and Hounds 2015 Calendar by Mike Ruiz:

All proceeds from the calendar benefit Louie’s Legacy.
$19.99, order it here
all images courtesy of Mike Ruiz/Rex Features and Metro UK.

Hunks and Hounds, The Alaqua Animal Refuge 2015 Calendar of Man and Man’s Best Friend:

Photographed by Dawn C. Whitty, this Hunks and Hounds calendar features a combination of both black and white and full color photos, with multiple images of the same subjects. The calendar’s design was created by Design 360 and is crammed with multiple photos and text.

The Alaqua Animal Refuge relies on fundraising and private donations to meet that ever-growing number. This calendar will give them the opportunity to raise the much-needed operating funds so we can continue to give animals shelter, safety, and second chances.
$26.49 (price includes shipping), buy it here
photos and information courtesy of  hunks and hounds 

To confuse you even further, Philadoptables, the friends of the Philadelphia City Animal Shelter, has released its 2015 “Hunks for Hounds Calendar.” Philadoptables is a non-profit organization that supports the Philadelphia animal control shelter. This shelter has an annual intake of over 30,000 homeless and unwanted animals.

The Philadoptables Hunks For Hounds calendar is for sale online here.