These Are NOT Handbags, These Are Cakes.

bohnhoff and kent purse cakes

I’ve seen a lot of cake art, but these take the….well, you know. What look strikingly like chic clutch purses aren’t purses at all. They are incredible, entirely edible purse-shaped cakes that are completely fondant-free, preservative-free and made with only the finest, real ingredients.

Bohnoff and Kent Purse Cakes

above: Bohnoff and Kent’s Vanitas Cake, Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Ganache, in 64% Guittard Dark Chocolate

Bohnhoff & Kent is Los Angeles’ premiere Chocolate Art company, founded by renowned sugar artist Cory Pohlman (who has appeared on the Food Network’s Cake Wars), and confectionary chef Olivia Harris. With Lady Gaga as their first client, B&K Chocolate found a niche in creating chocolate art pieces ranging from small luxury gifts, to large installations, party centerpieces, and wedding cakes. Their purse cakes are made with a hand-painted and decorated chocolate shell that is filled with cake.

above: Dark chocolate purse filled with chocolate cake, milk chocolate ganache, salted caramel and cashew brittle

above: White chocolate purse filled with dark chocolate cake and pink rasperry white chocolate ganache

B&K’s hand-crafted, hand-painted and custom-designed chocolate collections are inspired from fashion, contemporary art, and pop culture.

above: Hand painted and decorated chocolate shell filled with chocolate or red velvet cake

above: traditional Southern red velvet cake, layers of cream cheese ganache and surrounded by a solid white chocolate shell

Created with the highest quality couverture chocolate, these sculpted confections are completely free of fondant, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Even the paints and colors used on the chocolate art is made of cocoa butter and is 100% edible.

above and below: White chocolate clutch with pink heart, gold wings and crown, hand painted with edible luster dusts and filled with moist red velvet cake.

above: 64 percent dark chocolate purse filled with rich chocolate cake and smooth ganache.

above: Rainbow Unicorn Cake. White chocolate clutch purse filled with pink velvet cake and pink cream cheese ganache

above: Crocodile bag is filled with dark chocolate cake and painted with edible gold luster

above: White chocolate seashell clutches filled with pink velvet cake

above: vanilla bean cake, layers of chocolate cream cheese ganache and surrounded by a dark chocolate shell

Cake Menu – Available options and flavors:

More mind-blowing examples:

Cory and Olivia:

Bohnoff and Kent have a retail store located on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. Some of their cakes can be ordered online here and shipped.

B&K Sugar Arts Lab
2835 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034