Two Of My Faves, Bill Murray and Architectural Models – Together!

Bill Murray Brian Griffith Architectural Models exhibit

Artist Brian Griffith‘s art installation, Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity, combines nine architectural models with the imagined activities and pastimes of beloved actor Bill Murray.

Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity

Artists love Bill. We know this from the many tribute exhibits made for the artist such as The Murray Affair.

Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity

The ambitious new commission takes place in BALTIC’s vast Level 4 gallery with a contrastingly small-scale production. A series of nine different style buildings, including a lavish LA beach house, a historic Scottish mansion and an ocean adventure dome, imagine Hollywood actor Bill Murray’s activities and pastimes.

Brian Griffith Bill Murray art installation

A complex assemblage of these architectural models, light, everyday objects and a documented performance of Bill Murray creates a metaphysical adventure story and a fantasy caricature complete with whisky minibar, grand piano and helicopter.

Brian Griffith Bill Murray art installationBill Murray Brian Griffiths exhibitBrian Griffiths Bill Murray installationBrian Griffiths Bill Murray DollhousesBrian Griffiths Bill MurrayBrian Griffiths Bill Murray 3 IIHIHBrian Griffiths exhibit of Bill Murray and architectureBrian Griffiths Bill Murray exhibit in situBrian Griffiths Bill Murray Brian Griffiths Bill Murray 7 IIHIHBrian Griffiths Bill Murray art exhibitBill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerityBrian Griffiths BILL MURRAY BALTIC 2015.Brian Griffiths Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerityBill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity

BILL MURRAY: a story of distance, size and sincerity is an exhibition that enjoys and considers the effects of small, miniature, big, gigantic, the scaled up and scaled down, detail and overview. It is an exhibition that questions how one experiences and measures things. It encourages comparisons and differences, instabilities and slipperiness and attempts to use exaggeration as a means of revelation. This exhibition strives for both intimacy and grandeur, to present production and consumption and hopes for imaginative flight from humble objects.

Griffiths has also reproduced an image of Bill Murray at Cannes Film Festival as a 20 metre-long banner, which will appear on BALTIC’s north facade for the duration of the exhibition, playing once more with degrees of scale.

Brian Griffiths BILL MURRAY BALTIC 2015 bldg exterior IIHIH

“It is a fantasy landscape,” said Griffiths, whose oeuvre features sculptures and installations with both found and made objects. “I would call it a metaphysical adventure story with Bill. For me, Bill is an object in the show and an image in the show. He has to some extent become my leading man.”

Brian Griffiths Bill Murray 15 IIHIHBrian Griffiths Bill Murray 13 IIHIH

Since the early 1990s Brian Griffiths has been making sculptures and installations with overblown theatricality and pathos. He uses found and made objects to consider our complex relationships with the material and social world; how we use objects to make meaning, to make and re-make ourselves, to organise our anxieties and affections, to sublimate our fears and shape our fantasies.

Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity by Brian Griffiths

Bill Murray is always authentic. He is consistently ‘BILL MURRAY’. His singularity breaks into irreducible ambiguities and contradictions – Bill the global superstar, the guy-next-door, anti-brand brand, irrepressible lothario, dignified clown and droll philosopher. This exhibition takes these and many other characteristics as an approach, turning them into a fantasy caricature and a poetic tableau of scaled down architecture and collections.

brian griffiths bill murray Baltic centre

The exhibit is showing at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art from November 20 – February 28, 2016