Bare Bones Raw Concrete Domino Set Is Art For The Table.

Bare Bones Raw Concrete Domino Set

I don’t play dominoes. And frankly, I don’t know anyone who does. But these raw cast concrete Dominoes by The Principals are so beautiful, it doesn’t really matter if you intend to play with them or not.

Bare Bones Raw Concrete Domino Set

The project actually began back in 2011 with “Bronze Bones”.


In 2010-11 design group The Principals were commissioned by the lifestyle blog The World’s Best Ever to re-envision the classic game. They looked to redefine the domino as a unique geometry, crafted from a more substantial material: bronze.

The weight, shape and numbering were refined, resulting in an original design that retained the spirit of the domino while it capitalized on its potential as an artistic object. Packaged in a custom, leather bound, hollowed out book, complete with score pad, pencil and sharpener, Bronze Bones first premiered at Design Miami, 2011.

Absolutely stunning, they were for sale at but that site is no longer a functioning site.


A few years later, The Principals collaborated with clothing brand Billy Reid on a limited edition of the same dominoes, only this time they were cast in concrete and lacquered black on top. They were then named “Bare Bones.”

Those limited edition sets sold out quickly


Now, they are available as completely raw concrete dominoes.

Traditional double-six set: includes 28 tiles. Set includes a cotton carrying bag that has been screen-printed with game rules.

Dimensions: 2’’ L x 0.875’’ W x 0.375’’ H (each tile)
Materials: cast concrete
Made in: USA
Price: $60 USD

Now you can purchase the Bare Bones raw concrete dominoes from their online store or here at Dwell or here at the New Museum Store. All are priced at $60 for the set.