Mixed Media Architectural Sculptures by Luke O’Sullivan

architectural sculptures by luke o'sullivan

The architecturally based sculptures of artist Luke O’Sullivan combine screen printed drawings with wood and metal to create wall-mounted dioramas that explore the relationship between an overworld and underworld.

Architectural Sculptures by Luke O’Sullivan

Having received much attention from his 2015 solo exhibition Cool Shelter, artist O’Sullivan has continued to create his three dimensional worlds combined with two-dimensional façades to create layered architectural labyrinths. Here’s a look at some of his most recent works.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life, detail
Green Party
Green Party, detail
Green Party (underside)
Treasure Trail
Treasure Trail, detail
Track Brace
Track Brace, detail
Good Point
Good Point, detail
Play Slab
Play Slab, detail
Droppin’ the Bucket
Droppin’ the Bucket, detail
Ends Meet
Ends Meet, detail
Ghost Fish
Ghost Fish, detail

Bio (from the artist’s website)
Luke O’Sullivan was born in 1984 in Boston, MA. He received his MFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 and a BFA from The Art Institute of Boston in 2006. He has exhibited in solo and group shows in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, and Philadelphia. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.

Artist Statement (from the artist’s website)

My work is about the intersection of built environments and subterranean systems. Through the application of screen-printed drawings on wood, metal, and other flat surfaces I create architecturally based sculptures. Often inspired by dystopian and science fiction films, I combine recognizable architectural forms and impossible buildings to make diorama-esque works.

Luke is represented by Paradigm Gallery where you can find his sculptures and drawings for sale.

Luke O’Sullivan

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