Another Round Of Look What I Found! Weird & Wonderful Web Finds.

weird and wonderful web finds

A bunch of cool finds and links to buy or to learn more about each.

Weird & Wonderful Web Finds


This very cool residence designed by Atelier LX received Japan’s Good Design Award.

See more images of the home here.


Arts Co collaborated with Phillips de Pury & Company in 2008 on an auction of over 45 designer prototypes of bird, bat and bee houses inspired by, and to raise funds for, Adventure Ecology. The houses were created using Phillips de Pury & Company's waste material including cardboard, crates, invitations, catalogues, plastics and wood discarded in the process of packing, moving and installing art works.
above: birdhouse by Sir Paul Smith from the Birds, Bats and Bees auction


The Ript shirt is a shirt for men that sculpts their torso!

Get your own six-pack in a t-shirt here.


Danish Designer Kim Buck’s Golden Heart pendant:

See more of his unusual work here.


Kim Hyn Joo’s Happily Ever After is a chair for humans and home for dogs!

See more of Kim Hyn Joo’s work here.


Remember the “Wonder Twins”?

Mattel’s New Wonder Twin Action Figures!
Exclusively for Comic-Con, you can pre-order them here.


If you think that new Jaguar JX sedan is something, get a load of the coupe which is supposedly in the works now:

above illustration from


Bloom baby Goes Glitzy with gold and silver additions to their line of modern baby high chairs and rockers:

shop for them here.


A ceramic food face plate that encourage you to play with your food.

buy it here.


Obama Sushi Roll by Japanese sushi chef Ken Kawasumi :

Obama’s skin is made of small shrimp, his hair is black sesame and chef Ken Kawasumi used fish paste for his teeth. (images from MSN japan)

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