Amelia Briggs Anthropomorphic Artworks

Amelia Briggs Anthropomorphic artworks

Made of reclaimed fiber and latex, and embellished with either enamel, oil or acrylic paints, this series of artworks by textile artist Amelia Briggs combine color, form and texture to result in playful puffy sculptures reminiscent of human anatomy.

Amelia Briggs Anthropomorphic Artworks

textile art
Patricia, 2022, reclaimed materials, fiber, latex, oil, 37x33x3”

Amelia Briggs Anthropomorphic Artworks were created for her part of a two person show, Alternative Medicine, at Nashville’s Red Arrow Gallery along with artist Brooklyn artist Calli Moore.

amelia briggs art
Framed, 2022, reclaimed materials, fiber, latex, oil, 38x33x2”

The Nashville-based Briggs, known for her colorful, stuffed wall sculptures mixed with paint, creates anthropomorphic sculptures with reclaimed materials that appear both playful and scientific simultaneously. Her compositions recall biomorphic forms, body parts and even bacteria.

contemporary art
Foxed, 2022, reclaimed materials, latex, oil, 43x32x4”

The static pieces feel alive, as if growing and multiplying, with their undulating shapes that bring to mind intestines and stomachs.

amelia briggs anthropomorphic artworks
Prance, 2022, reclaimed materials, fiber, latex, oil acrylic, 66x39x4”

The bulging latex frames surround canvas on which the artist paints ribbon-like forms, almost like stylized strands of DNA or amoeba-like bacteria.

textile art
Untitled (Bulge), 2022, reclaimed fibers, latex, oil, 40x25x6”
anthropomorphic artworks
Yesterday, 2022, reclaimed materials, fiber, latex, oil, 20x12x2.5”

The bright color palette is one of the artists signatures, harkening back to the days of brightly colored pool floats and summer toys.

amelia briggs anthropomorphic art
Play Mail, 2022, reclaimed fiber and fabric, latex, oil, 39x22x4”

An abstraction of something many people find off-puting, Briggs manages to bring an aesthetic that leaves the viewer compelled rather than repulsed.

amelia briggs sculptures
At top: Working Title, 2022, reclaimed materials, latex, oil, fiber

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all images courtesy of the artist.