Bus Stop Beauty in Belarus

Alexandra Soldatova Belarus bus stops

Photographer Alexandra Soldatova captures the beauty of various bus stops in her home country that have been hand painted by local unknown artists.

Alexandra Soldatova Belarus Bus Stops

A photographer living and working in Minsk, Alexandra Soldatova (not to be confused with the rhythmic gymnast of the same name) graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at Belarusian State University and didn’t begin her career as a photographer until she attended a course of photography at Belarus Academy of Arts in 2005.

Intrigued by the daily life and society of Belarus, the documentary and conceptual photographer Alexandra describes the project as follows: “This project is about decorating reality. All these paintings on the bus stops are made through local authorities by unknown “artists” with the only purpose to beautify empty landscape.”

The following images are from her ongoing project, It Must Be Beautiful, begun in 2012.

An exhibition of these works has opened at SHTAB in Kazan (Russia) and runs through October 15th.

The show invite:

above: photographer Alexandra Soldatova

ШТАБ Резиденция Креативных Индустрий, Ул. Татарстан, 20, Kazan, Russia

Alexandra Soldatova