Cardboard Pet Beds You Will Not Believe Are Cardboard.

Mimi de Biarritz Cardboard Pet Beds

I came across the talented work of artist and crafter Mimi de Biarritz in a recent New York Times’ T Magazine article about Kit Kemp’s seventh-floor pop-up store in New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman. The temporary outlet incorporated many of Biarritz’ one-of-a-kind items. Among her impressive paper art and objects I spotted two stunning pet beds, so I did a little research and wait until you see what I found.

Mimi de Biarritz Cardboard Pet Beds

It appears there is little Mimi de Biarritz can’t make. I’m serious. She’s made everything from furniture and mosaics to jewelry and birdhouses that are simply jaw-dropping. Amongst her many talents, she can manipulate cardboard, paper and paint to create products that look like anything but. Her series of cardboard pet beds for cats or small dogs would appeal to many an interior decorator or sophisticated pet owner.

Inspired by various types of international architecture, these cardboard cut-out houses are hand painted and embellished with lots of details. Adeptly rendered to appear as everything from fabric to shingles, stained glass to toile de jouy, each is designed in a different style such as Japonesque, Chinioserie, Polonaise, Baroque or Zuni. The attention to detail and decoration are unmatched. Inside the crafted cardboard pet beds are comfy matching stuffed pillows.

Mimi de Biarritz doesn’t appear to have a website, but she has a Facebook page which contains many photos of her impressive items. It’s here that I found more of the French artist’s pet beds. Several of these, but not all, have been sold.

all images courtesy of Mimi de Biarritz

Mimi de Biarritz on Facebook 

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