Steeped In Art. 363 Days of Tea by Ruby Silvious.

363 Days of Tea by Ruby Silvious

There are several uses for used teabags – from freshening breath to cleaning glass. The Daily Mail recently outlined 15 of them in an article here.

But artist Ruby Silvious has yet another use for them. She treats them as tiny canvases in her project “363 Days of Tea”.

363 Days of Tea by Ruby Silvious

Shared with her followers daily on Instagram, the mini masterpieces are charming and impressively rendered.

Some are paintings, some are collages. She uses different shapes, sizes and brands of teabags.

Here are some of my personal favorites (not in chronological order).

Day 196:

Day 305:

Day 267:

Day 222:

Day 293:

Day 311:

Day 166:

Day 177:

Day 237:

Day 294:

Day 247:

Day 309:

Day 314:

Day 114:

Day 50:
View the complete project here

Ruby Silvious

Follow her on instagram @silvirub

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