Artists Remix Gucci Print Tian – All 24 Pieces.

artists remix gucci Tian

The Tian print by Gucci, a tropical take on bird and flower paintings that embellishes their new collection of leather goods and shoes for men and women, has been “remixed” by 24 artists upon invitation.

Artists Remix Gucci Print Tian

Tian, which in Chinese can mean Sky or Heaven, is a print that was inspired by Eastern culture’s “Bird and Flower” paintings of the 10th century and appropriated on bags, shoes, mobile phone covers and luggage in Gucci’s latest collection.

“The print represents a vision of the sublime that must be brief because it is so fleeting – the birds and flowers only hover in perfect harmony for a moment before falling away ” – Gucci

Tian Room at Gucci’s No Longer / Not Yet exhibit

The design follows up on the first #GucciGram project – a “Tian” Room, an installation of a mirrored room covered in the print, designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci’s recent No Longer/ Not Yet exhibit.

Artists Remix Gucci Print Tian

In this second #GucciGram project, Gucci Creative Director Michele enlisted 24 artists to ‘remix’ the print and bring a fresh light to it. Below are all 24 pieces.

Cao Fei
Charles Loh
Chen Tianzhuo
Chen Wei
Cheng Ran
David Chan
Fajar P. Domingo
Gu Ye
Guo Yong
Jaesuk Kim
Kelbin Lei
Kong Lingnan
Lee Kyutae
Manoth Kitticheewan
Phannapast Taychamaythak
Red Hong Yi
Shinyoung Kim

Animated piece by Shinyoung Kim:

Teresa Lim
Ton Mak
Xu Wenkai
Xu Wenkai

Animated pieces by Xu Wenkai:

Yile Yang
Yoshito Hasaka

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If you haven’t yet seen Gucci’s Tian collection for men and women, it’s beautiful. Below are a few pieces.

Shop the special Gucci Tian Women’s Collection here

Shop the special Gucci Tian Men’s Collection here

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