13 Photographers Depict A New Humanity for the 2021 Lavazza Calendar

the 2021 Lavazza Calendar

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we get to see the glorious photographs chosen for the annual Lavazza Calendar, one of the most coveted and beautifully produced annual calendars in the world. This year’s theme, The New Humanity, arises as a result of the 2020 international lockdown in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

2021 Lavazza Calendar

2021 calendar cover by Christy Lee Rogers

In a changing scenario in which barriers and distancing between individuals, communities and nations have become necessary, Lavazza is building bridges between people, drawing them closer through the universal language of art and photography. The aim of The New Humanity 2021 is to show human beings’ extraordinary resilience and generate feelings of hope that will make it possible to build a “New Humanity”. A wake-up call to individual sensibility in the hope that from this long and difficult period we may see the rebirth of a society that values solidarity, inclusion, tolerance and sustainable development, values that also guide Lavazza Group’s business.

January by Denis Rouvre
February by Carolyn Drake
March by Steve Mccurry

The Lavazza art project, The New Humanity, was conceived and developed under the creative direction of ad agency Armando Testa. The project features a calendar and a magazine – available to the public worldwide for the first time ever here through November 26th and in a fund-raising auction in support of Save the Children.

April by Charlie Davoli
May by Ami Vitale
June by Martha Cooper
July by David LaChapelle

In The New Humanity 2021 calendar, 13 masters of photography present a new vision of humanity that reflects their personal viewpoints and styles. They are David LaChapelle, Simone Bramante, Martin Schoeller, Ami Vitale, Christy Lee Rogers, Steve McCurry, Joey L., Carolyn Drake, Denis Rouvre, Eugenio Recuenco, Charlie Davoli, Martha Cooper and TOILETPAPER.

August by Martin Schoeller
September by Joey Lawrence
October by Eugenio Recuenco
November by Simone Bramante
December by Toiletpaper

The website has an extensive and comprehensive look at each Month, the photographer and a look behind the scenes here.

On auction.lavazza.com , in collaboration with the platform CharityStars, from November 12 to November 26, 2020, one thousand 2021 Lavazza calendars will be offered for sale and 12 original photos and a special object put up for auction, with the proceeds going to support New Horizons, a project for the most vulnerable young people in India (in the Calcutta area). Lavazza has been supporting this project for the last three years through A Cup of Learning, an international programme (in nine countries) run by Fondazione Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza that provides training for socially underprivileged young people seeking employment.

Lavazza’s YouTube channel contains behind the scenes videos of each photographer’s shoot. You can watch those here

The New Humanity 2021 magazine also has six cultural “ambassadors” called on to explore and amplify the multiple meanings of New Humanity and stimulate even deeper reflection on the process of restarting and reopening, starting from their own personal experience and sensibility. They are architect Carlo Ratti, designer Stella Jean, writer Alessandro Baricco, actress Kiera Chaplin, singer-songwriter Patti Smith, and Save the Children International CEO Inger Ashing. They work in worlds parallel to photography that enrich our interpretations of the concept of New Humanity using different languages and forms of expression; a design, a written thought, a piece of music, an architectural project.

Images and information courtesy of Lavazza

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