Golden Globes Proves Actresses Over 40 Are Gorgeous – And Working.

2017 Golden Globes Actresses Over 40

While reading well-deserved criticisms of Nicole Kidman’s increasingly botoxed face, it dawned on me that without having had a subscription to People magazine in over a decade, I was out of touch with the age of several of today’s actresses. So I did a little research and was very surprised at what I found.Take a look at these 2017 Golden Globes Actresses Over 40

Dame Helen Mirren has proven that well over 40 is still very sexy- and employable. But did you know that Drew Barrymore, Amy Adams and even Reese Witherspoon are all aged 40 or older now?

For years I had heard the complaint on award shows and in interviews that there were no good roles for women over 40. But that clearly seemed to have changed over the past decade. As, most certainly, has the idea of what “40” looks like. Take a look at these twenty-one gorgeous women, most nominees or presenters from The 74th annual Golden Globes last Sunday night. All of them are over 40 years old and all are still working in television or movies – and in good roles.

2017 Golden Globes Actresses Over 40

The 21 working actresses below, in photos taken from last Sunday, are shown from youngest to eldest.

Reese Witherspoon, 40:
2017 Golden Globes Actresses Over 40
Drew Barrymore, 41:
drew barrymore golden globes 2017
Amy Adams, 42:
Amy Adams 2017 golden globes
Heidi Klum, 43:
Heidi Klum 2017
Kathryn Hahn, 43:
actresses over 40 Kathryn Hahn
Sophia Vergara, age 44:
Sophia Vergara Golden Globes
Thandie Newton, Age 44:
Thandie newton 2017
Tracee Ellis Ross, 44:
Tracee Ellis Ross 2017 golden Globe Awards
Winona Ryder, 45:
Winona Ryder 2017
Naomi Campbell, 46:
Naomi Campbell 2017
Gillian Anderson, 48:
Gillian Anderson Golden Globes
Connie Britton, 49:
working actresses over 40
Laura Dern, 49:
actresses over 40 2017
Nicole Kidman, 49:
Nicole Kidman at age 49
Viola Davis, 51:
Viola Davis 2017
Sarah Jessica Parker, 51:
Sarah Jesica parker Golden Globes 2017
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 55:
working actresses over 40
Annette Bening, 58:
Annette Benning
Isabelle Huppert, 63:
Isabelle Hupert
Judith Light, 67:
Judith Light at 67
Meryl Streep, 67:
Meryl Streep

Now, if we weren’t limiting this to actresses seen at the Golden Globes, there’d be many more (think Jane Fonda, Dame Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, to name just three). Which has proven good news for all of us.