Surfboards on Parade: 20 Custom Boards To Eradicate Skin Cancer

Surfboards on parade 2016

Twenty one-of-a-kind surfboards have been shaped and painted by various artists in an effort to raise awareness and funds to help eradicate skin cancer.

2016 Surfboards On Parade

On June 16th, the designer-shaped and artist-painted surfboards were unveiled at the the Klimpton’s Shorebreak Hotel kicking off the 2016 Surfboards On Parade, an annual event to aid in the eradication of skin cancer. The boards are displayed at various venues around Huntington Beach through October 7, 2016 when they will be auctioned off at the Night Of A Million Waves Gala.

the venues where the boards can be seen until October 7th, 2016

Since the boards are not displayed in one setting again until the actual auction takes place, I’ve gathered photos and made composites from various sources so you can take a good look at the one-off surfboards.

shaped by Tim Stamps and painted by Steve Fawley
shaped by Ron House, painted by Drew Brophey
shaped by Tommy Maus and painted by Jim Salvati
shaped and painted by Jeff “Doc” Lausch
shaped by Zuma Jay and painted by John Van Hammersveld
shaped by Jed Noll and painted by Rick Reitveld
shaped by Daniel Tomo Thompson and painted by Doug Cross. The board illuminates in the dark.
Alaia board shaped by Chris Viverito and painted by Heather Brown
shaped by Joshua Paskowitz and painted by Duke Aipa
shaped by Bob Hurley and painted by Brandon Boyd
shaped by Mike Huseman and and painted by Josh Serafin
shaped by Tom Balester and painted by Rhonda Jones
shaped by Mark Pesce and designed by Scott Thornberg
shaped by Don Johnston and painted by Christie Shinn
shaped by Robert August with illustrations by Phil Roberts
shaped by Dave Moore and art by Dave Reynolds
Hip hop vocalist, surfer and artist ITHAKA contributed with this piece of art named LURE.

The shapers and artists of these boards are some of the best known and respected in the surfing industry and beach art community. Many of these do not represent their best work, so be sure to check out some of their other work if you get a chance (google them).

The proceeds from the auction will aid in the research, education and prevention of skin cancer. The beneficiaries are the Orange Coast Memorial Foundation and the Rotary Club of Huntington Beach.

photos courtesy of Terry Cirac for Surfboards on Parade, their facebook page and Michael Fernandez for the OC Register

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