2008 Bombay Sapphire Prize Gallery Of Over 30 Finalists

2008 Bombay Sapphire Prize Gallery Of Over 30 Finalists

It’s that time of year again.
The time when Bombay Sapphire announces the shortlisted finalists for their every growing Glass Competition, this year shown at The Milan Furniture fair.

What Is It?
Begun in 2001, The Bombay Sapphire Prize is now the largest worldwide glass design competition.

All entries submitted must have used glass as the primary material in a physical structure or object. Acceptable entries included products, artwork, buildings or part of a building and must exist as a tangible object or structure. Film and documentation were accepted only as part of an architectural submission. Glass must be essential to both the concept and the desired expression. Winner gets £20,000 and best newcomer, £5,000.

Who picked the finalists?
Judges included Ron Arad, Tom Dixon, Nicole Fahri, Thomas Heatherwick, Lesley Jackson, Dan Klein, Karim Rashid, and Nadja Swarovski.

2008 Bombay Sapphire Prize Gallery Of Over 30 Finalists

Below is the gallery of over 30 finalists directly from Bombay Sapphire, to see the shortlisted 25, check over at Dezeen. And be sure to see their video diary of the competition here.


The prize:

UPDATE: Live from Milan: the winners of the Bombay Sapphire Prize have been announced, with designers Annie Cattrell and Yuichi Higashionna sharing the £25,000 prize money. Today’s movie on Dezeen features interviews with judges Karim Rashid and Dan Klein who explain the winning pieces and why they won.