The Gothic Art of Toon Hertz – 25 Bewitching Examples

the gothic art of toon hertz

Belgian born artist Toon Hertz keeps his real name a secret, but luckily not his work. His digitally manipulated images combine photography with illustration to result in surreal and dark, but sweet portraits. With their big eyes and tiny noses, his subjects resemble Bratz dolls if Tim Burton were to design them.

The Gothic Art of Toon Hertz

Bats, skeletons, spiders, black cats, crows, crosses, cemeteries… all the typical ghoulish icons of Halloween are rendered with soulful looking youths. Illustrating in this particular for several years, Hertz has perfected his macabre execution and his work is the perfect subject for this time of year.

Here are several pieces of his work from 2007-2015 (not shown in any particular order):

When shown, several of these small scale pieces are framed in appropriately black ornate frames:

He does not seem to have gallery representation. To inquire about prints of his work, please contact him at

all images courtesy of the artist

Toon Hertz

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