All About The New Apple iPhone SE.

all about the apple iphone se

As the major smartphone manufacturers continue to enlarge their phones, Apple zigs when others zag. Their newest,  the Apple iPhone SE,  has been reduced in size back to the exact dimensions of the iPhone 5 (and actually weighs a gram more), but now with a 4″ retina screen and other technological goodies. Read more

Hilarious POPlitically Incorrect iPhone Cases from Saint Hoax

poplitically incorrect iphone cases

Pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist Saint Hoax clearly has a lot of fun combining a love for POP Culture and Politics with Photoshop to result in art and objects that have a brutal honesty and wit. His iPhone cases are a way to own a piece of his twisted take on the world while amusing yourself and others. Read more

The Plug-In ORA Pod Charger Gets Rid Of Those Darn Dangling Cables.

ORA Pod charger

Industrial designer Albert Shane has created the ORA pod, a convenient stylish portable wireless charger and adapter for Android, Windows and iPhone users that lets you simply plug your device directly into an outlet. Read more

Noke, the World’s First Bluetooth Padlock by FUZ Designs. How Did We Live Without This?

Noke hero IIHIH

Keys, locks and the like are one of those things that has hardly evolved for centuries. Until now. The Noke is a gadget by FUZ Designs that will make you wonder how you lived without it: A padlock you unlock with your smartphone that works with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones that include Bluetooth 4.0. Read more

Grip Stripes: Customizable Colored Leather Striped iPhone 6 Cases

Customizable Colored Leather Striped iPhone 6 Cases

Grip Stripes Multicolored iPhone 6 Leather Cases from Vaja are skillfully crafted out of several pieces of carefully dyed Caterina and Bridge leather. The cases are customizable in any color combinations you desire. Read more

Let’s Get This Party Started. Now, Where’s a Light Socket?

pulse by sengled HERO

A few bottles of wine, some good friends and Pulse bulbs from Sengled and you’ve got a party goin’ on. Light bulbs that double as speakers can read a bedtime story, play some background music while you work or simply start a shindig anywhere there’s a typical light socket. Read more

Donut Inspired Products (and History) For National Donut Day.

national donut day hero IIHIH

Today is National Donut Day. In its honor, I’m sharing with you how it came about and some fun products you can buy (besides donuts, of course) to celebrate. Read more

Looking For Great Tech Product Design and Packaging? Go Full TYLT.

Tylt Tech Accessories

Every once in awhile a new brand comes along that has it all going on. Impressive product design, packaging, branding, even a well designed website with functioning e-commerce, good photographs and plenty of useful information. That’s the case with TYLT, a California wireless accessory design and development company that has combined innovation with style. Read more