Beer and Wine Bottle Designs With A Muerto Motif for Halloween.

Beer and Wine Bottle Designs With A Muerto Motif

La Catrina Wines and Day of The Dead Beer (Cerveza de los Muertos)  are beer and wine bottle designs that feature the artwork of Sean Wells. With her husband and partner, Daryl Wells, the two of them designed the wine and beer bottles which both feature a Muerto* motif. Read more

Deliciously Different Delft by Artist Magnus Gjoen

London based artist Magnus Gjoen’s embellished objects are all created digitally, he does everything on his Mac. His graphic skills are largely self taught and stem from being a self-confessed “geek.” Gjoen keeps a digital scrapbook where he collects images including “everything from pictures of a urinal wall to a painting at the Pitti Palace.” Read more

Hamlet Lamps – Modernist Colored Skulls in Transparent Polymer Add An Eerie Glow.

Hamlet are transparent polymer table lamps in Red, Violet or White available at Skitsch. Each side can be used as the base. E14 bulb connection.

Dimensions L14,5 W19 H19,5 cm
Price 95.00 €
Buy them here

Scott Campbell Breaks Out Of His Shell With Graphite Illustrated Ostrich Egg Interiors.

It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Scott Campbell’s work for awhile now, having written about him numerous times. The Brooklyn-based tattoo artist has quickly became a celeb favorite and force in the art world. He’s inked Marc Jacobs (both Marc and Scott have his “Bros before Hos” tatts), created leather bags for Louis Vuitton (and drew faux tatts on the runway models with a Sharpie marker), cut up currency, burnt tortillas and is now drawing inside broken Ostrich eggs with graphite. Read more

Aitor Throup Melds Art & Fashion In His First Menswear Line Of Shiva Skull Bags.

After 6 years in development, fashion illustrator, sculptor and designer Aitor Throup has finally launched his first long awaited menswear product line. The recent unveiling of his 2013 menswear product line in an exhibit called New Object Research, focused on his fabulous Shiva Skull Bags. Constructed in the shape of a human skull, the black and grey tweed bags with leather accents and zippers will be launched to few key influential retailers globally and are the first of his products to be marketed.

An installation of his Archetypal Shiva Skull Bag as it transformed over the years:

And a close look at them:

Aitor’s design process is centered around innovative methods of design and construction, in particular a construction process which utilizes his own sculptures of the human body as a system for blocking garments. Below you can see the Shiva Skull bags placed upon his own sculpted mannequins:

More of Aitor’s sculpted mannequins from the exhibit:


One complete outfit was in the show (shown below) and will be available exclusively through Dover Street Market, with whom the designer is planning an exciting event to coincide with Frieze Art Fair in London in October, 2012:

The artist at work (photo by Neil Bedford):

An incredible illustrator, Aitor’s daily sketchbook archives (a few of which are shown below)are simply beautiful and can be seen here on The Breaks or on his official Facebook page:

About Aitor Throup:
Aitor Throup was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. He arrived in Burnley, Lancashire in 1992. It was in Burnley that Throup developed a passion for labels such as Stone Island and C.P. Company. A mixture of Aitor’s interest in these products and his own passion for drawing led him to begin a BA in Fashion Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, from where he graduated with first class honors in 2004. In 2006, he completed an MA in Fashion Menswear at the Royal College of Art in London.

Aitor is fascinated with anatomy and his main interest is drawing. His hand drawn characters become the primary tool in the exploration of his ‘justified design philosophy’, which highlights the necessity of a reason or function behind all design features. Aitor’s design process is centered around innovative methods of design and construction, in particular a construction process which utilises his own sculptures of the human body as a system for blocking garments.

Aitor Throup began working as a creative consultant with the British football brand Umbro in 2008, which led to his involvement in the concept and design of both the ‘home’ and ‘away’ football kits worn by England at the 2010 World Cup.

Aitor has won multiple awards over the years, including the ‘Collection of The Year Award’ and the ‘i-D Styling Award’ At ITS#FIVE (International Talent Support #5). He has worked as an art director/stylist with i-D magazine, Arena Homme+, V-Man, and GQ Style, and he designed the cover for the December 2008 issue of Dazed and Confused Japan, which also included an 8-page portfolio of his work.

Here’s a nice interview with Aitor about the New Object Research exhibit at Dazed Digital

Some of the images in this post were shot by the talented UK photographer Neil Bedford, other images courtesy of Fashionmag and Aitor Throup Studio

Aitor Throup

Gilding The Carnivore. Human and Animal Skulls Dipped In 24kt Gold.

above: Eduardo Garza’s Warthog Skull dipped in 24kt gold, 16″L x 9″W x 9″H, 9 lbs, $8,448

In addition to his luxurious bookends, cabinet knobs, napkin rings, trays, boxes and objets d’art, Eduardo Garza dips replicas of full adult-sized Human, Gorilla, Tiger, Alligator, Warthog and Saber Tooth skulls – and a Shark’s jaw – in real 24k gold to make a decorative object that is hard to ignore.

above: the artist with one of his pieces

To give you an example of the size and weight of these pieces, the Human Skull and Jawbone dipped in 24k gold (shown below), measures 8″L x 5″W x 6″H and weighs approx. 5lbs.

Shown here are his museum quality adult skull replicas (and in some cases, authentic) dipped in 24kt, but they are also available dipped in nickel. They can be mounted or not and the base is not permanently attached. Each piece is handmade in New York by Eduardo and signed especially for the purchaser. Prices range from $1,700 to $9,000 USD and can be purchased in his online store.

Alligator Skull (replica) dipped in 24kt gold:

Tiger Skull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Authentic Shark Jaw dipped in 24k gold:

Gorilla Skull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Saber Tooth Cat Sull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Human Skull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Garza is known for his sculptural crystal and gemstone gilded items for the home carried in high-end department stores and luxury boutiques.

Artist Biography:

Harvard-educated Eduardo Garza is passionately dedicated to his cultured organic creations and with his studio located in New York City. However, his inspirations are drawn from fantastical, surreal, and global worlds.

Eduardo captures moments of wonder in nature through his truly unique works of art. These marvelous ideas come to the artist through his dreams, deeply rooted heritage and, through his modern interpretation of nature. His creations have gained Eduardo a loyal following among prestigious art connoisseurs including renowned jewelers Harry Winston, celebrity collectors and royals from around the world.

Using only the highest quality and ethically sourced materials, Garza moulds his dreams into wonderful unique and fantastical creations. His work adorns the homes of the world’s most influential arbiters of style, including Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners and international notables. (courtesy of

Eduardo Garza creates wonderful pieces which have come to the attention of discerning art lovers all over the globe. For more information please contact them at

A Chip Off The Ol’ Giant Skull Speaker. New MinuSkull Speakers by Kuntzel+Deygas.

MinuSkull Speakers
above: The 2010 Grateful Vanity accoustic sculpture and a 2011 walnut miniskull speaker by Kuntzel+Deygas

These cool new 50 watt portable speakers, the miniskulls, designed by Kuntzel+Degas were inspired by their unusual and striking oversized accoustic sculpture, Grateful Vanity. Read more

Guns, Bones & Steel: The Gothic Reliquaries Of Al Farrow – A Detailed Look.

reliquaries of al farrow

Look closely at these incredible sculptures and you’ll notice the mosque and church-like structures are created with guns, gun parts, bullets, artillery, gears, chains, bullet shells and bone fragments. Read more