The Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade, Made For Their Cool Light Bulbs.

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Plumen, designers of the unique low energy bulb, now offer with their own affordable blown glass shade in 3 colors to perfectly compliment the Plumen bulb.

The Drop Top Lamp Shade is the final piece of Plumen’s modular set. The first part was the bulb (any Plumen model fits), next came the Drop Cap Pendant Set and now their first lamp shade. The mouth-blown glass Drop Top is a great option for those who want to enjoy their bulbs’ unique silhouettes, but have the full brightness of the light directed onto surfaces below.

Perfect for dining, working surfaces, bar tops and architectural displays. Three colour options provide different levels of shade and each gives a distinct colour ambience, from the amber’s warm tones and the calmness from the white, to the darker, moodier, intense shading of the black.

The Plumen Drop Top Glass Shade in Amber:

The Plumen Drop Top Glass Shade in Black:

The Plumen Drop Top Glass Shade in White:

The Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade can be purchased separately (to add to an existing Drop Cap) or as a complete set that also includes the Plumen Bulb and Drop Cap that creates a complete pendent lighting solution.

Plumen Founder and Creative Director Nicolas Roope says: “We all know that whether using LED or CFL technologies, energy efficient light bulbs need to house electronics and heat sinks that bulk out the base and push the light source and glass orb outwards. If this is taken into consideration during the design process of shades and accessories, the light source can be presented and proportioned beautifully. If not the relationship feels clumsy and ugly. So why are most shades still designed for incandescents?”

Shades like the Decode’s Vessel, Techhlighting’s Caspian Grand and Plumen’s previous collaboration with Lightyears on The Pharaoh are all examples of shades designed specifically to frame and present Plumen bulbs – and the effect is lovely. However these shades are high-end designs and so aren’t always at an accessible price-point for many. So Plumen decided to create an inexpensive tinted glass shade that works together with the Drop Cap and presents the bulb in the best possible way.

Beautiful, efficient and affordable. Buy them here

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