The New Molded Wood Oyster Chair From Modernica

Oyster Chair from Modernica

When a chair is as beautiful sitting empty as it is occupied, I am always intrigued. Which is why the new Oyster Chair from Modernica caught my eye. Made from four pieces of molded wood locked together to form a sculptural lounge chair, it’s as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Oyster Chair From Modernica

Like Modernica’s other furniture, the chair smacks of the Mid-Century Modern Design ethos Form follows Function. Modernica’s unparalleled ability to mold wood has allowed them to create this mid-sized lounge chair which is ergonomically shaped to the human form. Every curve, angle, and nuance of the chair is sympathetic to the comfort of the Oyster’s occupant.

The mid-sized lounge chair comes in four variations: Walnut Veneer, Solid Maple, Walnut Veneer and Black Leather or Solid Maple and Black Leather. Each chair is hand finished with Emmet’s “GoodStuff”® providing a durable finish that can be touched up with beeswax to increase its luster.

Oyster Chair in Maple Wood

Oyster Chair in Walnut Veneer with Black Leather


Designed (2020), developed, and built from raw materials at Modernica’s factory, the new Oyster chair is destined to be a modern classic with its sensuous curves and elegant looks.

Made in California.

Pricing: $1295.00 – $1515.00 USD

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