Street Artist MEGX Turns Utility Buildings Into Fun for WSW

MEGX for Wuppertal Stadtwerke

MEGX for Wuppertal Stadtwerke. Street artist Martin Heuwold, aka MEGX, who works and lives in Wuppertal, Germany was commissioned by the power and water company Wuppertal Stadtwerke (WSW) to turn this some of their utilitarian facilities into something much more fun.

MEGX for Wuppertal Stadtwerke

Mario in Wuppertal

This little building holds a 20 meter deep water retention basin in Wuppertal. A retention basin is used to manage stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay.

The idea to use Mario (a Bronx plumber from the ever popular Ninetendo Mario brothers video game franchise) for this building belonging to WSW was that of Martin’s, along with his colleagues PEAR and OLJA. Making a perfect fit conceptually, they did a terrific job turning an eyesore into a fun art installation.

For another WSW building, next to the Junior Uni in Wuppertal, MEGX, along with some of his friends, tuned it into yet another video game.

Martin studying the artwork for the building:

Martin and friends:

Martin at work:

The final building:

Here’s another one of their water storage facilities with a mural for them by Martin:

See more of the work of artist Martin Heuwold aka MEGX here

Wuppertal Stadtwerke (WSW) has commissioned other street artists to paint other facilities of theirs as well.

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