Seinfeld Apartment Replica and Mini Museum Promote Hulu’s Streaming of the 90’s Comedy

Seinfeld-Apartment-replica1 IIHIH

As of yesterday, June 24th, Hulu has begun streaming the beloved ’90s comedy, Seinfeld. To promote the launch of the availability of every single episode of the hilarious show about ‘nothing’ a pop-up replication of Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment and a Mini Museum have opened in downtown New York. Read more

The Veuve Clicquot Re-Creation Awards – Mailbox Edition

8 clicquot mailbox submissions IIHH

Voting is now open for the first Veuve Clicquot Re-Creation Awards. The 2014 Design contest from the French Champagne House asked creatives from nine different countries to take a shot at designing a Veuve Clicquot Mailbox from October 1st to November 15st. The submissions are all in and now you can help choose the winner. Read more

A Boy and His Penguin Have Moved Me To Tears. Meet Monty for John Lewis.

john lewis monty penguin ad

Monty the Penguin (an impressive CGI creation) stars with an adorable young boy, Sam, in this surprisingly moving holiday ad and comprehensive marketing effort from UK retailer John Lewis. Read more

New App and French Fry Boxes. Marvelous McDonald’s Marketing for the 2014 World Cup.

McDonald's Marketing for the 2014 World Cup

One of the best commercials touting the upcoming World Cup is part of a creative and inspiring larger digital push by McDonald’s. Read more

What The Top Luxury Brands Did (Or Didn’t Do) To Wish Customers A Happy Holiday.


What did the top Luxury brands do this year to connect with their fans, engage their consumers and wish them a happy holiday season?  Well, I’m going to show you some of the luxury brand Christmas campaigns. Read more

Stickers With A-Peel. Chiquita Banana Design Contest & A Little Brand History.

Chiquita banana design contest
above: 6 of the 18 winning designs, all of which are shown later in this post

“I’m a Chiquita Banana and I’ve come to say….” Okay, most of my readers are probably too young to remember the legendary jingle, so I’ll just get to the point. Read more