Manymals By Markus Diebel. Sterling Silver Pendants Benefit WildAid.

manymals by Markus Diebel

I absolutely love these modern and fluid looking sterling silver animal pendants that hang from snake chains by jewelry designer Markus Diebel!

Manymals by Markus Diebel

He’s artfully rendered a dog, a sloth, a gorilla and a bat in 100% sterling silver in his San Francisco studio and to make them even more desirable, 5% of sales of each piece benefit WildAid, a nonprofit dedicated to ending illegal wildlife trade within our lifetimes.

Images of each Manymal are shown from front and back below:

manymal sloth necklace

Manymal Gorilla
manymal dog
Manymal bat
The SF-based organization has chapters worldwide, including Galapagos and China. Details on Markus’s creatures — Sloth, Bat, Gorilla and Pug (and added later, Koala and Boa Constrictor) — are detailed on the backside of his innovative black bubble packaging. Solid silver on a sterling chain.

manymal packaging

  • Packaging: Innovative black card bubble pack.
  • Size: Chain (from clasp to charm) 13.5″
  • This item normally ships in 3-4 days.

Price $290 each, free worldwide shipping, buy them here