Chicken-Scented Kentucky Fried Crocs Are Finger Lickin’ Fun.

KFC and Crocs unveiled their collaborative clogs at Fashion Week yesterday and the world will never be the same. Covered in a fried chicken print with a striped base, the co-branded shoes come with detachable Jibbitz – charms made to look and smell like fried chicken drumsticks.

KFC Crocs

KFC Crocs
The KFC x Crocs clogs will be available in Spring

Due out this Spring, the KFC and Crocs shoes bear the recognizable bucket stripes, the likeness of the Colonel and fried chicken imagery. However, they will only be available in the clog style and unfortunately, not the platform style.

Sadly, KFC x Crocs Platforms will not be for sale

The Finger Lickin Good footwear comes with two Jibbitz™ charms made to resemble drumsticks and smell like fried chicken.

More information here.

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