Stroll through Tate Britain with Animator Jack Sachs.

Jack Sachs Tate Britain Animation

This three minute video, Jack Sachs x Tate Britain: SHHH!, combines a tour through some of Tate Britain’s most historic spaces combined with some wacky and wonderful CG characters and animation by Jack Sachs.

Jack Sachs at Tate Britain: SHHH!

Commissioned by Tate Collective London, SHHH!, is a short film directed by 3D animator and artist Jack Sachs to be displayed in the Tate Britain as part of Loud Tate:Shift, an event organized by Tate Collectives with the aim of encouraging young people to explore the Tate Britain’s collections.

During the event the artist also ran a workshop which introduced people to some of the software and techniques used to make the film (such as Sculptris) and they were given free reign to create fun 3D shapes of their own.

The Sound design was masterfully created by Father with Girl Sam as Director of Photography.

SHHH! – Jack Sachs X Tate Britain from Jack Sachs on Vimeo.

Some fun screen grabs for you:

Jack Sachs
Tate Britain

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