Gorgeous IQON Images Combine Gothic Art, Trendy Style & Wild Hair.

IQON images for Wella

IQON images for Wella – a  new series of beautiful photographs by Russian creative team Yakovlev and Aleeva, have been created as an ad campaign for hair care brand Wella Professional

IQON Images For Wella

Photographed by Moscow-based Andrey Yakovlev and retouched by his partner Lili Aleeva, these breathtaking images combine the religious and somber aspects of Gothic and Medieval Renaissance Art with today’s fashions and wild hairstyles by the Dolores Academy of Hairdressing Art in Russia.

Combining the backgrounds,lighting and poses typically seen in 15th and 16th century religious portraits with stunning models dressed in edgy fashions and creative hair, Yakovlev and Aleena have produced surprisingly elegant images.

Truly beautiful work. See more by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva here.


Photos: Andrey Yakovlev
Concept: Dmitry Ageev
Retouching: Lili Aleeva
Models: Olsen, Angela, Miro Valeria, Sia Prokofyeva, Maria Garmash
Hairstylists: Dolores Academy Creative Team
Makeup: Diane Tarasenko
Stylist: Gala Borzova
Client: Wella Professionals

all images courtesy of Yakovlev and Aleeva on behance

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