Photographer Mom Proves Girls Can Be Both Girly and Gritty.

Alabama photographer Heather Mitchell of HMP Couture Imagery is the mother of 8 year old Paislee, a spirited girl who plays extracurricular softball with other young girls. While standing on the sidelines of her daughter’s game, she remarked aloud that she hoped her daughter was enjoying herself given how athletic she is when another mother remarked that she saw Paislee more as a ‘girly girl’ than as ‘an athlete’. This got Heather thinking “Why can’t my daughter be both athletic and girly? So she set out to prove that Paislee, as well as other young girls, needn’t be one or the other, but instead could be both. (more…)

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Artistic Tributes To The Notre Dame Cathedral

artist tributes to Notre Dame Cathedral

Much of the world woke this morning to tragic news as images of one of the world’s most iconic cathedrals engulfed in flames flashed all over news outlets and social media. The beloved Paris landmark, the centuries old Notre Dame Cathedral, is one of the most widely-recognized symbols of both the city of Paris and the French nation. Considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, it’s been the subject of or has inspired many works of art, literature and film. (more…)

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