The Extraordinary Cuckoo Clocks of Stefan Strumbel.

I always feel a little guilty when I write about an artist’s older work in lieu of their latest. And this post is laden with guilt. Great photo after photo of it. I’m talking about the fact that instead of featuring the über talented Stefan Strumbel’s latest bronze sculptures, I’m sharing with you his cuckoo clocks and related art which he created between 2005 – 2015. Read more

The Best Curated Gift Guides on Pinterest for 2017

We’re coming down to the final days for holiday shopping. If you’re like a large percentage of people, you’re a last minute gift-giver. These 45 individual gift guides link directly to the products, making it easy to get your holiday shopping done with the touch of a button. Read more

Urban Concrete Cuckoo Clocks and Brutalist Birdhouses.

Cuckoo Blocks by Guido Zimmermann

If It’s Hip, It’s Here has long been a fan of modern cuckoo clocks as is evident by previous posts beginning with our first way back in 2007, then one on Italy’s Diamantini and Domeniconi Cuckoo Clocks and finally the beautiful handmade Pedro Mealha Cuckoo Clocks. Now we bring you sculptural concrete Cuckoo Blocks by artist Guido Zimmermann. Read more

The Noktuku Living Moss Clock – An Update.

A lot of design blogs were buzzing about the Reindeer Moss Clock concept last year. The wall-mounted clock whose face is covered with real reindeer moss from Norway has changed a bit since then and here’s the latest info. Read more

The ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

No, those aren’t typos. This piece of functional kinetic sculpture IS called the ClockClock 24 and yes, it costs $6000. The unique timepiece was created by Humans Since 1982, a Swedish design studio who has earned a reputation worldwide for their kinetic sculptures and installations which revolve around time. Read more

Sustainably Harvested Hardwood Block Clocks by Such + Such

block clocks by such + such

Faceted wooden wall and table clocks of maple and walnut wood encompass both traditional craft and digital manufacturing. Read more

Irreverent Clocks and Delightful Decals by Dan Golden for Blik.

Dan Golden for Blik

Dan Golden’s Sharpie-like doodles combine wit and sarcasm that poignantly point out how many of us feel about life and the wacky world in which we live. Read more

Pedro Mealha Makes Marvelous Modern Cuckoo Clocks

Pedro Mealha Cuckoo Clocks

These beautiful contemporary wall mounted cuckoo clocks are custom made by hand in Hackney Wick, East London by artist and craftsman Pedro Mealha. Read more