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internet icon pillows

A place to rest your nerdy head.
The ultimate throw pillows for the tech-set, social networker or web designer. These internet icon pillows are cute and well made (as well as reasonably priced).  12″ square soft fleece pillows use the icons that represent many of the popular social networks such as; Twitter, the Twitter Fail Whale, DIGG, Facebook Friendfeed, Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Flickr, the RSS feed icon, Reddit and more. Read more

Limited Edition Contemporary Artists’ Work Upon Which To Rest Your Head. Or Butt.

Limited Edition Throw Pillows by Contemporary Artists

Click for art (now named This is A Limited Edition) is a site that carries works from contemporary artists that are available as limited edition floor cushions or throw pillows. They only print 250 of each design and each arrives with a certificate of authenticity. Read more

Téo Jasmin’s Fun Photo Furnishings

digitally printed home furnishings

Angéline Bailly, creator of Téo Jasmin digitally printed home furnishings, uses cutting edge digital printing and technology to print artistic shots of photographers, designers and graphic artists on tables, lampshades, paintings, small cushions small and large format furnishings.

Digitally Printed Home Furnishings

The photographic subjects are categorized by places (lots of France and New York), Dogs – even donning tiaras (Doggy Queen), the Beatles, Asian Art, Pop Art, Classic and Ethnic Art and photographs, Botanicals and more.

Digitally Printed Home Furnishings

The most recent additions include more images of Italy, San Francisco and Dog Queen.

digitally printed home furnishings
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - SF Settee
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - bulldog puppy

I found her chairs (dining, lounge and guest) and settees to be the most fun and desirable. In various styles… with and without arms, black, white or silver, take a look at some of them.

Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - armchairs
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings -bulldog puppy chairs

various examples of lamps, pillows and artwork:
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - table lamps
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings -  throw pillows

Above: Angeline Bailly

To purchase lamps, throw pillow or art canvases, go to the online french store Homology here.

NOTE: Since this post was first written, Teo has concentrated more on cushions and accessories and less on actual furniture. She has also greatly expanded the line of dog images.

Laura Goldstein’s Silk Down Cushions: Twice As Nice As Most Pillows

laura goldstein pillows

Laura Goldstein (aka Grotta & Co.) designs silk cushions that are about as divine as throw pillows get. Made with fine materials and down-filled, her stunning cushions are twice as nice given that the designs on either side are different and equally attractive. Read more