Alfa Launches Two Wild New Wood-Fired Outdoor Ovens

Alfa :Pizza ovens

The Venere (Venus) and Marte (Mars) are two new crazy looking products from Italy’s Alfa, manufacturers of high-end wood-fired ovens for consumers and professionals. Read more

A Hot Idea: Fireplaces Built Into Furniture

buhler fireplaces

For three generations now, Bühler Furniture of Canada has been designing furniture for homes and commercial applications. They make a range of items but it’s their collection of fireplaces that combine cabinets, sideboards and media consoles with ventless fireplace inserts that really intrigue me. Read more

City On Fire. The Nerone Wall-Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace.

The new Nerone wall-mounted fireplace designed by James Di Marco for Caleido is a bioethanol* fireplace set within a graphic skyline made of epoxy resin coated carbon steel. looking like a city ablaze, it combines warmth with art and is definitely a conversation piece, on or off.

Versions available: black
Material: Epoxy resin coated carbon steel
Code: EFnerone 00
Weight: 29kg
Burner: rectangular, 1.6 litres [NOT AVAILABLE SEPARATELY]
Hourly consumption: 0.25 l/h
Combustion time: aprox . 4 hours
Minimum room size with one bio-fireplace: 25 m2
Installation: min. 1.20 metres fro m gro und
Price: 980 Euro + VAT

* Caleido Fire Design bio-fireplaces are designed to run on bioethanol or methylated spirits only.

Caleido is well known for their fashionable radiators and this special collection by Karim Rashid

Memorial Day Weekend! Time For Some Grill Talk. Well, More Like Grill Porn.

modern outdoor grill designs

Everyone likes a good outdoor barbeque on Memorial Day weekend, so here’s a few posts that single out some of the most interestingly designed outdoor grills and barbeques. Read more

Indoor and Outdoor Alabaster Furnishings That Glow From Within.

Alabaster furnishings that glow

Back in 2007, I introduced you to Albatros Design, a French company that created illuminated marble furniture and fireplace consoles. The luxurious pieces were available in multiple marble finishes and applications. Since then, the company has been renamed and now continues to design and customize illuminated pieces of furniture and installations, only made from alabaster.* Read more

Three Super Hot Outdoor Wood Fire Pits From AK47

AK47 fire pits

Three wonderful wood burning outdoor fire pits (or fireplaces) that also serve as gathering spots for entertaining. AK47 fire pits the Zero, the Rondo and the Zen from AK47 are simultaneously modern and rustic. Made of steel, stone and copper, the large round fireplaces are as great looking when in use as they are when not in use. All three styles featured here are sold in moderately easy to assemble kits. Read more

These Babies Are HOT! Decorative Bioethanol Fireplaces By GlammFire.

bioethanol fireplaces by glammfire

Welcome to Fire Wonderland. This is what Portugal-based GlammFire, the newest company of Group Pachinha, aptly calls their collection of bioethanol decorative fireplaces. Read more

The 25 Top Modern Outdoor Grills and Barbeques

above: the PLEK 66 wall mounted gas grill in red from Rocal.

I honor of the Fourth Of July, of fireworks and independence, of good ol’ American barbeques and picnics, I am rerunning a post on the best modern outdoor grills with a few new updates and additions. Read more