Cultural Icons Depicted as Hipster Art by Amit Shimoni

Mona Lisa by Amit Shimoni
Mona Lisa by artist Amit Shimoni

With his Hipstory portraits Israeli artist Amit Shimoni is turning World History’s most recognizable personalities into hipsters and selling them as everything from wall art prints to stickers.

Hipstory Portraits

In the Hipstory portraits and art prints, Shimoni applies his aesthetically appealing style of figurative painting to significant global world leaders, artists, activists, scientists, athletes and celebrities.

Hipstory portraits of Oprah, Kamala Harris, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Greta Thunberg
Hipstory’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By embellishing the subjects with today’s streetwear style, current hair trends and of course, tattoos, his contemporary depictions of cultural icons have contemporized these historically significant figures for a new audience.

Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh (cropped) are a few examples of Hipstory Artists
Hipstory’s George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill (cropped)
Hipstory’s Steve Jobs, Marie Curie, Einstein and Nicolas Tesla (cropped)

Amit started Hipstory in 2014 when studying at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. For a last minute school project, he decided to try mixing his generation’s values with his home country’s history and he ended up with a hip depiction of one of Israel’s founding fathers, David Ben Gurion, and thus, Hipstory was born.

This portrait of Israel’s David Ben Gurion was the impetus for Shimoni’s Hipstory
Wall art prints of Queen Elizabeth. Ghandi, Barack Obama, the Dali Lama, Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton
Hipstory’s Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un
Hipstory portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama

Shimoni’s project has grown beyond his wildest imagination, educating and influencing generations to come. In a world that continues to polarize, Shimoni wants to continue connecting past and present with his own creative twists, elevating figures that positively inspire rather than divide.

Amit Shimoni, Artist and founder of Hipstory
The home of Amit Shimoni doubles as Hipstory’s headquarters

He offers large and small wall art prints, coasters, notebooks, greeting cards, enamel pins and more. You can purchase by collection or create your own combination with his Gift boxes.

Hipstory portraits of Frida Kahlo, Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana
Hipstory Coasters: Rosa Parks, Dalai Lama, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and John Lewis.
Examples of some of Hipstory’s Notebooks
Allenby Road art print by Amit Shimoni

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all images and information courtesy of Hipstory and Amit Shimoni