Haunted Air: A Macabre Collection of 25 Historical Halloween Photographs

The book Haunted Air, first published in 2010, is simultaneously creepy and beautiful. The hardcover book with the skeleton costume on the cover is filled with anonymous Halloween photographs taken from 1875–1955 that have been collected by artist, musician, and composer Ossian Brown. The book is a glimpse into the roots behind the tradition now known as Halloween and depicts truly haunting Americana with a foreword by – appropriately enough- David Lynch, director of the weird and wonderful. Read more

Mercedes Helnwein’s Evocative Renderings of Halloweens Past.

Mercedes Helnwein, WITCHES (detail), 2017, oil pastels on paper

Artist and writer Mercedes Helnwein likes Halloween. One look at her artwork over the past decade and there’s no denying it. Amongst her pieces you’ll see many wonderful sketches, paintings and mixed media renderings of kids in costume, pumpkins and other clues of October’s All Hallows Eve. Read more

The 10 Most God-Awful Couples Halloween Costumes on Amazon

I’ve always disliked ‘couple’s costumes’ when it comes to Halloween. Firstly, if you’re not side-by-side all evening long, no one knows what the hell you are supposed to be and secondly, if your costume is dependent upon someone else’s to make sense, it probably sucks. That said, some suck more than others and here are ten of the most awful, ugly, stupid and just plain unfunny couple’s costumes one could possibly buy on Amazon. Read more

Artist Travis Louie’s Creatures and Curiosities

Travis Louie's Creatures and Curiosities

Travis Andrew Louie spent his childhood browsing comic book shops and watching movies at the local cinema in Queens, New York. Growing up in a world of rocket ships, superheroes and giant monsters, he began filling sketchbooks with images of movie monsters like King Kong, Godzilla and Ray Harryhausen creatures. Now, Travis’ drawing, sketches and paintings reflect those childhood interests imbued with some serious talent and imagination. Read more

Cake Artist Extraordinaire Karen Portaleo Launches Candle Line

There are numerous impressive cake artists and sugar sculptors out there. You can find their work all over social media sites like Pinterest and Snapchat and we’ve written several posts on some of the most amazing edible art. But then there’s Karen Portaleo. In a class by herself, Karen’s cakes are often created for large movie studios, television networks and prestigious companies. And now she’s launched new Portaleo Candles! Read more

When Slutty Halloween Costumes Jump The… Well, You Know.

Each year I marvel at how Halloween and Cosplay costume manufacturers can find a way to turn any icon, animal or character into a slut with some form-fitting fabrics and a few revealing nips and tucks. By now we’ve accepted Vampires, Pirate Wenches, Nurses and Black Cats as part of the sexy Halloween vernacular. But this year, they’ve gone too far. Read more

You’re Dead – An Immersive Creepy Horror Short

In the spirit of the season, Dave Clark, Executive Creative Director of the PIA Agency put together this creepy short horror flick, You’re Dead, in which a woman is targeted by an unknown entity after witnessing gruesome acts of violence on social media. Already gone viral on Facebook, we share it with you here. Read more

Halloween in 70’s Park Slope, Brooklyn. 35 Nostalgic Photos.

The Bionic Woman, Bambi, and Cinderella [masks on]
The Bionic Woman, Bambi, and Cinderella [masks off]

Taken between the years of 1974-1978 by photographer Larry Racioppo, these terrific vintage photos of kids trick or treating in South Park Slope, Brooklyn will bring back nostalgic memories of Halloween to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Read more