Portraits of Holocaust Survivors : The Edut Project

Created for The Visual History Archive of the USC Shoah Foundation, The Edut Project tells the story of Holocaust survivors through the portrait paintings of David Kassan, written profiles by journalist Dan Maccarone and short films by filmmaker Chloe Lee. Read more

HBO Celebrates Women’s History Month

HBO celebrates Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, HBO is celebrating with four weeks of kickass programming. TV series, documentaries and film selections all honoring the influential women of Hollywood, both real and fictional. Read more

2017 Golden Globe Nominees and Best Binge-Watching

This morning, the Film and TV contenders were announced for the 2017 Golden Globes which will air on January 8th, 2017. This gives you time to catch or binge watch several of the outstanding contenders available via Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go and other premium cable and satellite services. Read more

HBO Documentaries To Air Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

HBO Documentaries Mapplethorpe: Look at the Picturesabove: Robert Mapplethorpe, self-portrait, 1977

Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was known for his blunt and unabashedly honest photographs. Highly stylized black and white photos of male and female nudes, the S&M scene, self-portraiture, celebrity portraits, flowers and statuary were among his most common subjects. Now considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Mapplethorpe: Look At the Pictures, a documentary directed By Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival will air as part of HBO Documentaries on Monday, April 4th. Read more

Container Homes That Open In 90 Seconds. Push Button Houses by Adam Kalkin.

push button container homes on if it's hip, it's here

Architect Adam Kalkin’s Push Button homes are fascinating. A shipping container that unfolds with the push of a button in 90 seconds to reveal a living space complete with a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchenette, and living area. Read more

Artists Reinterpret Emoticons In Their Own Style of Work For The Noteworthy Project.

The Noteworthy Project asked different artists to reinterpret emoticons in their own inimitable style. The process and final pieces were documented on film and directed by Oscar-nominated and Sundance-winning filmmaker Jessica Sanders. Below are those films and the final artworks.

🙁 by Tim Biskup:

“My goal was to present a midpoint between the 🙁 emoticon’s abstraction of sadness and the literal representation of it in the photo of my daughter, thus inserting my own expression into the equation.” – Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup’s final piece:

🙂 by AJ Fosik:

“I decided to transform the devious emoticon into an idol, taking a digital [way of conveying] emotion and meaning and merging it with a traditional physical one, subverting both to create something new.” – AJ Fosik

AJ. Fosik’s final piece:

LOL by Megan Whitmarsh:

“I wanted to create a LOL that radiates optimism, using a handcrafted, analog, pop vision to capture its warmth and cheerfulness.” – Megan Whitmarsh

Megan Whitmarsh’s final piece:

OMG by Reza Ali:

“OMG invites its audience to interact by speaking to it. Besides surprise, it can represent joy, sadness, anger, excitement, fear, shock, and relief. OMG changes in real-time to reflect that variation.” – Reza Ali

Reza Ali’s final piece:

😉 by Craig + Karl:

“The 😉 emoticon depicts our dynamic: a closed eye dreaming, forming ideas; an open eye, developing them. A smile links us.” – Craig and Karl

Craig Redmond + Karl Maier’s final piece:

About The Noteworthy Project:

Our potential for human expression is huge, but at some point technology started getting in the way of our passion. We’ve been so busy tweeting and texting, we may have accidentally left behind what makes us human.

The Noteworthy Project documents a series of projects that examine what happens when communication is made by hand.


Gillette Moves From Manscaping To Music With Shave Like A Rock Star

Gillette Uncut

Gillette and Greenlight Media Group are launching a new micro site called Shave Like A Rock Star as a follow up to their fun animated “manscaping” site. The new site will feature a short film series by acclaimed rock photographer and documentary video maker Danny Clinch. Read more