DIY Tangerine Peeling Art for The Quarantined.

DIY tangerine peeking art

You’ve done all the puzzles in the house. You’ve cleaned out the junk drawer, replaced the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and built multiple forts from the sofa cushions and bedsheets. The Quarantine orders to keep from spreading or catching the Coronavirus have you bored to tears and you’re not even one week in. So, now what? Read more

Game of Thrones Easter Eggs Printables. Worthy of The Iron Throne.

For both adults and kids this Easter come Eggs of Thrones. These free minimalist printables, designed by Amanda Anez for, will dress up your Easter Eggs a là Game of Thrones, House of Whomever, complete with armor, swords and the appropriate accessory (e.g. a hand for Jamie Lannister). All you need is a printer, dyed eggs, double-stick tape and scissors (or an exacto-knife). Read more

Chocolate Easter Bunny Bongs Are A Thing.

Easter’s coming up and although we’ve spent a lot of time covering Cannabis related Christmas content, we’ve yet to explore the stoner side of Easter. We thought showing you how to make a chocolate bunny bong, thanks to some industrious folks, would be a good way to start. Read more

The Latest and Greatest Coloring Books for Grown-Ups August 2018

We just added 100 newly published Coloring Books for Grown-ups to our Pinterest Board which now features over 700 of the coolest coloring books for Grown-Ups, broken into categories for easy viewing. Read more

Tutorials to Make Lichtenstein, Haring, Warhol and Klimt Easter Eggs

Bella Manu of Toronto has not only hand-painted some of the prettiest art-inspired Easter eggs, but she has listed the materials and instructions necessary to inspire you to make some of your own. Read more

Darth Disco Ball Tutorial (That’s Easier Than Justin Poulsen’s).

Darth Disco Ball Tutorial

Featured on Bored Panda today was a fabulous homemade Darth Vader Disco ball by Justin Poulsen that’s getting lots of buzz. As he described the process, I realized he had some costly and laborious steps, so I wanted to share with you an easier way to make your own version, with links to all the needed materials. Read more

14 Examples of Architecture For Dogs and The Blueprints To Make Them

Architecture For Dogs and The Blueprints To Make Them

Architecture For Dogs is a collective of respected and renowned architects and designers that have have each chosen a breed of dog for whom to design a piece of creative architecture utilizing new mediums. Curator Kenya Hara wants to prove that through blueprints, pictures and instructional videos, anyone can make their own. Read more

The Book Block Project – Quality Notebooks Creative Types Can Customize

book block project

The Book Block Project is a way to design and print your own notebooks in full color 2400×2400 dpi, with your choice of paper, ribbon and elastic. Ordinarily, to have your own design manufactured and produced in this high a quality, you’d have to order something like a minimum of 500 – until now. Read more