DinX’s Design Headboards

DinX's Design Headboards

Digital printing has opened the door to several options when it comes to interior design or decorating one’s home. Now you can feature photography, art or typography on functional furniture and home furnishings. DinX’s Design headboards by Jenny Hofmans is another such option.

I’ve already shared with you digitally printed storage cabinets, furniture, glass shower doors, dinnerware, radiators and window shades.

DinX’s Design Headboards

Jenny Hofmans is a Belgian born designer who lives and works in the south of Spain. During the past 20 years she has gained experience in different design fields such as Graphic, Interior and furniture Design. She decided to unite her knowledge in these fields to design and commercialize her own product line under the brand name DinX’s.

DinX’s is the result of an exploration into new dimensions of interior design. With DinX’s you bring modern art into your house at affordable prices. They offer a unique blend of artistic designs, exciting materials and bold fresh colours – all designed by Hofmans.

Initially created with vinyl applications, in 2013 DinX changed to a digital printing process, giving their products a better look and greater durability.

In addition to residential applications, Dinx’S Design Headboards can also be found commericially in various hotels and hospitals:

Check out DinX’s range of creative ideas for the bedroom:

DinX’s also uses their digital printing process to create wall art and commercial installations.

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