Amber Share’s Subpar Park Posters Are Winning The Internet.

Amber Share Subpar Park Posters

These wonderfully illustrated tongue-in-cheek park posters by Amber Share have been getting so much press, I figured everyone had seen them by now. But the real one-star reviews of US National Parks turned into Subpar Park Posters are so good, and keep coming, that I gave in. Read more

3D Printed Textscapes by Artist Hongtao Zhou

Textscapes by Hongtao Zhou

It was the Chinese who first invented the reproduction of text using woodblocks during the Tang Dynasty. Today Chinese Artist Hongtao Zhou brings the concept of printing text into the present by using 3D printing to generate letter-sized artworks that visually represent the subject matter of the text itself in his Textscapes. Read more

Google Honors International Women’s Day With More Than Just A Doodle

Google Honors International Women’s Day with both a lovely typographic Google Doodle as well as an impressively comprehensive section on Women in Culture featuring female innovators and pioneers in every imaginable subject. Read more

Arby’s Releases Its Own Saucy Font & It’s A Free Download

Arby’s Restaurant Group, who has the MOST creative Twitter feed and Instagram Feed in the Fast Food franchise category, has just created a typeface inspired by their very own sauces: The Arby’s Saucy font. Read more

Ryan Gosling Still Has Nightmares About Avatar’s Title Font In Funniest SNL Skit

In what has got to be one of SNL’s funniest skits during a banner year for the television show, Ryan Gosling continues to have nightmares over the now decade-old movie’s title typeface, Papyrus. Read more

2017 Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar With Wood Engraved Cover

The 2017 Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar by French graphic designer Fabien Barral, aka Mr. Cup, is a creative collaborative effort between designers, graphic artists, typographers and letterers. The stunning numbered limited edition typographic calendar is available in a paper edition or a deluxe edition with a cover of laser engraved wood. Read more

Fontastic Christmas: 10 Great Gifts for Type Lovers

Letters, numbers and punctuation are more than just glyphs to lovers of typography. And there’s a lot of us out there as you can tell by the following fontastic products. If you know someone who appreciates font design, here’s a round up of ten great gifts for type lovers. Read more

Wild Typographic Illusions Drawn By Hand

Artist RYLSEE, whose real name is Cyril Vouilloz, works with all sorts of expressions of letters and the written word. The bulk of his art, design, murals, posters and t-shirts predominantly feature his own typography. Read more