The Airbus Infinito Designed by Pagani

Airbus Infinito on if It's hip, It's Here

Prestigious Italian supercar brand Pagani has created a new cabin design for the Airbus ACJ319neo. The Infinito was unveiled at this year’s European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. Read more

Lexus Debuts Sport Yacht Concept [25 photos]

lexus sport yacht concept

Lexus has unveiled a new sport yacht concept, a one-off project that expresses how the Lexus design philosophies and brand lifestyle might be introduced to a sea-faring product. Read more

The Truck Art Project and Palibex Murals Highlight Urban Artists from Spain

truck art project and Palibex murals

Jaime Colsa, founder and CEO of Spain’s truck transport company Palibex (aka PBX) is a lover and supporter of the arts and local culture. Their building and their trucks have been used as canvases to showcase the urban artwork of contemporary Spanish artists. Read more

Vespas Get New Life As Autobalance Scooters and Task Chairs.

Bel & Bel give vespas new life

The Italian Vespa scooter has become an icon of design, of Italy and of youthful exuberance. Now designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel have turned the classic transportation into two-wheeled stand-up balance scooters and task chairs for the home or office. Read more

The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream

The Limited Edition Pendleton Airstream

The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream is a collaborative effort between two of America’s most established brands. The Pendleton lifestyle brand, best known for their Plaid, Striped and American Indian-inspired wool products teamed up with Airstream to design the new trailer in honor of the National Parks Foundation Centennial. Read more

An Electric Scooter So Hip, You’ll Not Only Save Gas, You’ll Save Face.

ecoreco scooter IIHIH

Electric scooters have been around for awhile, but the Ecoreco is a new stylish, intelligent, lightweight, fast, folding scooter designed specifically for adults. With a sophisticated design, a smart LED dash, the most environmentally friendly battery available and a patented folding mechanism, you can zip around without looking like a douche  – and without ruining the environment. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About The Lexus Hoverboard

lexus hoverboard hero IIHIH

The exciting news? Lexus has finally completed the design and testing of their hoverboard after 18 long months. The disappointing news? It’s a prototype and is not, nor will it be, available for purchase. That said, I’ve got all the latest pictures, videos and information for you straight from Japan, courtesy of Lexus International. Read more

The New Bowlus Road Chief Will Drive You Crazy With Desire. (40 photos)

2015 Bowlus Road Chief

Once you see the Bowlus Road Chief, you’ll ask “Airstream who?” This mirror-shiny, riveted bullet-like luxury trailer is outfitted with your choice of three stunning interiors all of which include hand-fitted wood paneling, polished aluminum and stainless steel countertops. The elegantly appointed trailer has paid attention to every detail. Read more