15 Textile Designers Customize An Iconic Chair for Charity.

I love it when artists do this. In addition to the over 80 posts we’ve written about artists who create work for charitable auctions, we previously brought you two others about chairs: the 31 incarnations of the Vernor Panton Chair created for charity and 20 Artist Decorated Eames Chairs for charity. Now we bring you the UK’s A Day To Remember, a 675 Chair Charity Project in which fifteen designers known for their textiles and upholstery have customized the classic chair. Read more

My New Go-To Bed Sheets: California Design Den

I know you’ve heard the fact that we spend approximately one third of our entire lives in our beds. Now if that’s not a good argument for the best bed linens you can afford, I don’t know what it. Read more

New Limited Zaha Hadid Wallpaper Collection

Marburger Tapetenfabrik, aka Marburg, the world’s oldest wall coverings company (they started producing wall coverings in 1875), is producing a limited special edition of wallpapers designed by the late Pritzker-winning architect Zaha Hadid. Read more

A Slew Of New and Wild Designer Rugs from Nodus

Nodus rugs, owned by Italian Interior designers Il Piccolo, are unlike traditional area rugs in many ways. Each carpet is designed by today’s most innovative artists and designers and produced as a unique piece, entirely made by hand. Read more

Maryam Ashkanian’s Sleep Series Reveals One’s True Self.

Maryam Ashkanain Sleep Series on if it's hip, it's here

Artist Maryam Ashkanian’s Sleep Series are soft sculptural handmade pillows which feature line art embroidery that depicts people deep in sleep. Read more

Johan Lindstén’s Embroidery Chairs for Cappellini

A 2010 furniture concept has been brought to life and to living rooms by Cappellini. Johan Lindstèn’s Embroidery chairs are now redesigned, refined and available for purchase. Read more

Oven Mitts With Attitude [10 Different Styles]

Oven Mitts, an essential tool for any cook, are usually functional but boring and drab. Not these oven mitts. These 10 different sarcastic and smarmy oven mitts are a recipe for fun. Plus, 1% of the sales of all oven mitts are donated to Hunger relief programs around the world. Read more

People, Pets and Pop Culture Embroidered Portraits

danielle clough pop culture embroidery

When I first introduced you to fibre artist Danielle Clough it was to share with you her embroidered tennis racquets. Now take a look at her adeptly and colorful embroidered portraits of Pop culture icons, people and pets. Read more