Don’t Know Textile Artist Qualeasha Wood? You Will.

If you’ve not yet heard of textile artist Qualeasha Wood, you will soon. The emerging artist uses two different techniques for her unusual and provocative work: tapestry and tufting. In both she evolves the traditional craft from a decorative element into a personal statement expressed through self-portraiture. The pieces reflect her experiences living as a queer Black woman, the interplay between analog and digital, and relationship between artist and art. (more…)

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Handmade Crochet Swings by IOTA

handmade crochet swings by iota

While most of us still associate the technique of crochet and macrame with toilet paper covers made at summer camp or Afghans made by grandma, this all female run brand has managed to make crocheted interior decorations and accessories into chic and sophisticated looking products, our favorite of which are their handmade Crochet Swings. Not only for how they look, but also because of the company behind them and how they are made. (more…)

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