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Hello 80s! A Shopping Mall Turns Back Time for Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things, a Netflix original series that first aired in 2016, has captured the attention of critics with 12 Emmy noms this year, including Outstanding Drama Series. But long before its critical acclaim, online streaming, binge-viewing, pop culture enthusiasts loved its supernatural take on “Stand By Me.” In addition to knowing how to produce a captivating show, the folks at Netflix have done a great job with the Social Media and marketing for the series.

We previously shared with you the Netflix 80’s-Style Stranger Things Fashion Collection, the fun faux posters that mock the horror film genre here and the Peanuts mashup A Stranger Things Christmas. Those are just a few examples of the clever marketing and many product offshoots. Now, as fans get ready for Season 3, Netflix and Stranger Things have outdone themselves with a complete transformation back in time. (more…)

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Inside Antti Lovag’s Renovated Maison Bernard

Hungarian architect Antti Lovag (1920-2014), a self-defined “habitologist” is best known for the “Bubble Palace” (Palais Bulles) a 1,200 square meter compound with 10 bedroom suites, a 500-seat amphitheater and multiple gardens and swimming pools. Completed in 1989, and located in Cannes, the Bubble Palace is for sale and has been unable to find a buyer since it was listed on the market in 2015. (more…)

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Portugal’s Cabo de Vila House by Spaceworkers

Cabo de Vila House in Paredes, Portugal was designed by Spaceworkers as a house for a young couple that wanted a house that didn’t look like a regular house. The location give them the central idea for the project. They wanted a shape that could fill the void left by the valley and at the same time they wanted a new shape to embrace and reflects the surrounding green areas, giving its residents a special perspective on the landscape. (more…)

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