Don’t Feed The Furniture! The Most Awesome Animal Furniture.

Awesome Animal Furniture

When it comes to purchasing home storage, you can always buy a bookcase, shelves, an end table or a Camel. You heard me right, I said Camel. And if you’re not a fan of the Bactrian, you can choose an elephant, rhino, horse, lion, bear, polar bear, gorilla, moose, deer, goat, cow and even a triceratops.

Awesome Animal Furniture

Horse shelving2 IIHIH

This zoo of home furnishings function as desks, bookshelves, end tables and more. The MDF veneered pieces are durable and easy to clean. They come flat-packed and are easily assembled without the use of nails or glue.

elephant shelving3 IIHIHelephant shelving2 IIHIH

lion with drawers2lion with drawers backside

Running Deer:
running deer

Horse (shelves):
Horse shelving IIHIH

Horse (desk):
Horse desk IIHIH

Horse (yet another style):
Horse shelving4 IIHIH

bear shelving IIHIH

Polar Bear:
polar bear black front

Rhino shelving3 IIHIH

Rhino (with drawers):
Rhino with drawers

Cow shelving2 IIHIH

Goat shelving IIHIH

Moose (they call it a stag):

Camel (two different types):
light camel rear2 hump camel

iwood gorilla

Dacschund (small wine holder):
dacschund wine holder

There’s even a Triceratops:
triceratops table

These animal-shaped pieces are all created by iWood  (China’s Guangzhou iWood Crafts Co., Limited.) and are sold and exported by several different companies under various brand names such as Other, Essence and Nordic Creations. The links to buy these are at the end of this post.

Colors and Finishes
The pieces are manufactured in eight different melamine wood veneer finishes. Most commonly sold in Black, Black Walnut, Birch, Willow (like a light oak) and White; some are also available in bright orange, pink, green and yellow. And several, such as the rhino, are available in different sizes.

white elephant

bear shelving2 IIHIH

Polar Bear:
polar bear 1

Deer shelving4 IIHIH

Rhino shelving IIHIH

Camel shelving2 IIHIH

Some of the available pieces in situ:

rhino in situ

Moose shelving in situ

red deer desk in situ

triceratops shelving

Depending upon the company, different animals, sizes and finishes are available through different suppliers. SHOP WISELY because prices vary greatly! Some sell them for upwards of $1,000 USD while others sell them in a range from $250 USD to $450 USD. (prices published when written and are subject to change.) Also, don’t count on using the proper animal names to search since in many cases the spellings or species are incorrect.

All the pieces come flat-packed and slide together without nails or glue:

Below are links to purchase the Animal Furniture shown here. Some even have free shipping.I try to keep them up to date but some may no longer work. Our apologies.

Online Retailers

• Buy them from iwood  here or for wholesale orders of multiple pieces, go here 

• Buy them from J&E’s Factory here

• Buy them from Commodity Whole 2  here

Chinese only:
• Buy them here and here