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The Air Bee n’ Bee by Rasmus Fenhann

air bee n bee

A bee hotel by custom woodworker and furniture maker Rasmus Fenhann, the chic-looking Air Bee n’ Bee was designed for the Autumn Cabinetmakers 2020 SE exhibition in Denmark whose theme was “Illusions.” (more…)

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Inside-Out Furniture Collection

inside-out furniture

The Inside-Out Furniture Collection is a collaboration between designers Sergio Mannino and Thomas Lehman.

It’s composed of two pieces: Lungo, a cabinet and Largo, a sideboard. Both were inspired by Italian Modernist and furniture designer Enzo Mari’s Autoprogettazione**, a 1970s collection of ready madefurniture. (more…)

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Woodworking Envy: Frank van Brunschot Collector’s Cabinet


Frank van Brunschot is a custom woodworker and antique furniture restorer in Brisbane, Australia. He’s been crafting with wood since the young age of 14 when he began a cabinetmaking apprenticeship in Toowoomba (a city in Queensland) working for Hagan Furniture. In 2005 he set up his first Australia-based workshop and has been churning out beautiful pieces of furniture ever since. (more…)

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