X-Ray and Anatomical Stained Glass Windows by Wim Delvoye

Stained Glass Windows by Wim Delvoye

In his ongoing series of Gothic works, initiated in 1999, Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, about whose tattooed pigs I have blogged about in the past, created some very unusual stained-glass windows and sculptural works made of steel, lead, glass and actual x-rays. Read more

More Swine Art by Wim Delvoye : Tattooed Pigs & Pigskins (UPDATED PICS)

My last post on artist Wim Delvoye, his pig farm and his tattooed pigs has received so much interest – as well as controversy- that I’m sure to stir up the pot by showing you where you can see more of his actual tattooed pigs (in this case, stuffed as opposed to live) as well as his framed tattooed pigskins. Read more

The Mobile Chanel Art Exhibit

The Mobile Chanel Art Exhibit
above: Housed in a futuristic pavilion resembling a spaceship designed by Zaha Hadid, the exhibition shows artist interpretations of the iconic Chanel quilted 2.55 handbag.

Luxury brand Chanel has launched an exhibition called Mobile Art in Hong Kong’s Central district February 26, 2008, which will be traveling around the globe over the next two years. Read more

Inked Oinkers: Tattooed Pigs by Wim Delvoye (UPDATED PICS)

tattooed pigs by wim delvoye

Tattoos have become less of a taboo and far more mainstream in the past decade. Two reality shows are focused on tattoo artists, many magazines are published specifically about the craft and tons of products have hit the market that either sport tattoos or are tattoo-inspired, be them dishes, furniture or clothes. Read more