Bronze Figural Water Fountains by Małgorzata Chodakowska

bronze figural water fountains on if it's hip, its here

These stunning sculpted figural water fountains by artist Małgorzata Chodakowska combine her bronze sculptural work of women, men and children with running water to create statues that appear to dance and interact with nature. Read more

The 30+ Best Photos From Burning Man 2016. [UPDATED]

Best Photos Burning Man 2016
Embrace by The Pier Group was set afire, as is the tradition, at a previous Burning Man, photo @adventurpreneur

As the second day of the annual music and art festival comes to a close, the photos from burners in Black Rock City are rolling in. Here’s a look at many of the best photos from Day 1 and Day 2 at Burning Man 2016, courtesy of talented festival-goers and photographers via Instagram. Read more

Waterscape. Haruka Misawa’s Artsy Aquarium Exhibit.

Waterscapes aquarium exhibit

Former Nendo alum and the present creative director of Japanese retail company Muji, Haruka Misawa has designed the Waterscape Aquarium Exhibit, a series of small architectural and artsy aquariums for fish, turtles and plant life held at his Misawa Design Institute. Read more

The Graffiti Fish Tank by Artist Dean Zeus Coleman

London Artist Dean Zeus Coleman (aka Zeus) is known for redefining traditional Graffiti with his three dimensional sculptures, paintings and typography. One of his unusual projects I simply had to share with you, given my fondness for aquariums, is this fabulous three dimensional graffiti fish tank. Read more

Aquaplay Creatures For Pool Fun by RQR Estudio For Isaba.

Aquaplay Creatures

Designed by RQR Estudio for ISABA’s Aquaplay division are these adorable water-spouting creatures. Read more

Metalmorphosis Moving Water Sculpture by David Černý.

Metalmorphosis Moving Water Sculpture by David Cerny

Most recently you may have heard the name of Czech artist David Cerny during the London Summer Olympics as he was the artist who created the London Double Decker “push-up” bus, Booster. Now take a look at his giant kinetic fountain in the shape of a head that spits water: Metalmorphosis by David Cerny Read more

Photographer Tim Tadder’s Water Wigs For Men And Women.

Tim Tatter's Water Wigs

In his personal project, Water Wigs, commercial photographer Tim Tadder used water balloons dropped directly down upon bald heads of men and women and then captured the exploding water on camera. The result is a comical and intriguing effect mimicking halos, mohawks, afros, hats, boas and wigs. Below are all 23 images from the project. Read more

Brimming, Spilling, Deflecting… William Pye Has A Way With Water.

william pye water sculptures

Willam Pye is internationally known for his water sculptures. However most of them are located outside of the United States, so I wanted to share some of them with you. Read more