Crayon Dog Sculptures by Artist Herb Williams

herb williams crayon dog sculptures

Like artist Christian Faur, artist Herb Williams uses crayons unconventionally to create art. Rather than draw with them, he uses them whole as a material for his sculptures. Read more

The Migration Series by Ted Lott

The migration series by Ted Lott

When I first came across these I didn’t know if I was looking at custom dollhouses or travel cases. Turns out, I was looking at both. This series of architecturally embellished travel and suitcases by artist Ted Lott was inspired by immigrants seeking the promise of a better life here in America. Read more

Mischievous Baby Demons and Creepy Tableware by Ronit Baranga

ronit barnaga clay sculptures

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga creates figurative art that sits on the cusp of lifelike and lifelessness. Her mischievous little demon babies and tableware infused with human body parts are simultaneously compelling and repelling. Read more

All About The Indy 500’s Creepy Evolving Borg-Warner Trophy

Indy 500 Borg-Warner Trophy

Yesterday Takuma Sato won the 104th Indianapolis 500 championship (his second victory – he also won in 2017) and will soon have his head added to the strangest trophy in sports for a second time, the Borg-Warner Trophy.

104th Indianapolis 500 winner Takuma Sato
Takuma Sato celebrates winning the 104th Indy 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 23, Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Read more

Garden of Eames: Shell Chairs as Art by Chris LaBrooy

Eames Shell Chairs as Art

Garden Of Eames is an ongoing project by artist Chris LaBrooy in which he takes the well known Mid-century Modern Classic shell chairs designed by Charles Eames and reimagines, remixes and reinvents them as new objects and artworks. Read more

Giant Pink Bunny Knit by Grannies Left to Rot On Italian Hillside

Hase by gelitin
Rabbit, 2005 © Gelitin

Okay, so maybe that’s a crass way of referring to the unusual art installation, but it’s accurate. “Hase” (also referred to as Rabbit or Colletto Fava) is a 200 foot long by 20 foot tall knit pink rabbit that was placed in the Italian Alps by the Australian Art Collective Gelitin. The giant pink art piece was laid to rest upon a hilltop in 2005 and left there so its decay could be documented. Read more

Michael Eden’s 3D Printed Urns and Vases Inspired by European Antiques

Michael Eden 3d printed urns and vases

The first question out of most people’s slack-jawed mouths upon seeing these for the first time is “what are they made of?” When told they’re made of sintered nylon using various 3D software programs and the latest 3D printing technology, they are blown away. So were we. Maker Michael Eden’s contemporary versions of classic porcelain and ceramic European antiques are as innovative as they are attractive. Read more

Tiny Dreamscapes Atop Coin Purses

Kendal Murray Coin Purse Assemblages

A few years ago we introduced you to the work of assemblage artist Kendal Murray in which we featured her miniature worlds created within compact purse mirrors. Today we share with you more of her physical representations of the human psychological experience created on a miniature scale, only this time they are constructed atop coin purses. Read more