Impressive Photographic Interpretations of Tamara de Lempicka Paintings.

Triumph of Form Photo Series

This series of photographs, Triumph of Form, by Russian creative duo Yakovlev and Aleeva were inspired by the Art Deco paintings of Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka. Read more

Self-Portrait by Abigail McGourlay Wins Isolation Artwork Competition

Abigail McGourlay Isolation Art Winner

Sheffield’s Abigail McGourlay, a 20 year old art student at The University of Leeds, has won The Art Society’s Isolation Artwork Competition with a wonderful self-portrait. Read more

Kadir Nelson “Say Their Names” Cover for New Yorker Magazine

Artist kadir nelson say their names

If you’re still unaware of the work of talented artist Kadir Nelson, you won’t be for long. For years now, the Los Angeles artist has impressed with his paintings, illustrations, magazine covers and many beautifully illustrated, award-winning children’s books. Now take a look at his powerful newest piece, Say Their Names, created for the cover of the June 22, 2020 issue of The New Yorker Magazine. Read more

Tawny Chatmon Shifts The Paradigm Surrounding Black Beauty with Painted Photographs

tawny chatmon the redemption series

The Redemption series by artist and photographer Tawny Chatmon is an ongoing collection of lavishly decorated photographs that celebrate the often negatively portrayed hair and style akin to black culture. By combining her stunning portraits of black women and men with the ornate golds and decorative elements inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt, she draws attention to the existing and ridiculous paradigm that infers black hairstyles and accessories are “unacceptable” or discriminated against in schools worldwide. Read more

Painters Portraits : A Plein Air Painting Parody

painters portraits on if it's hip, it's here

Thanks to my brother-in-law, artist David Tomb, I learned of this humorous collaborative project, Painters Portraits, between artist Hank Schmidt in der Beek and photographer Fabian Schubert. Read more

Pierre et Gilles: Factory of Idols At The Philharmonie de Paris

Designed as a musical and visual installation, and curated by Milan Garcin, this exposition at Paris’ Musee de la Musique explores the universe of Pierre & Gilles through an assembly of more than a hundred of their photo-paintings of celebrities and icons, complete with a an online playlist, a host of objects and video documents. Read more

Lush, Ethereal Portraits by Artist Soey Milk

‘Inflorescence’ 60″x48″, Oil on linen, 2018

We love featuring the work of young and upcoming artists with you on this blog. There are just so many talented ones out there, it’s always hard to choose which one, but today we’re sharing with you a series of figurative paintings by Los Angeles-based Korean artist Soey Milk. Read more

Swedish Landscapes: Paintings of an IKEA Experience.

Anyone who has ever shopped at an IKEA knows that it’s not merely a trip to the store, but a trip into the Twilight Zone. That’s one reason why I’m so smitten with these oil paintings by Rikki Niehaus. Her ongoing series, Swedish Landscapes, are paintings of a single subject inside Swedish retailer IKEA that capture the surreal experience. Read more